SEO Copywriting for furniture store on Google


You will receive the product with the result.

1 standard SEO product description.
The images are properly formatted for posting to the store page and social media.
Insert a phone number in the photo if you require it.
Post that SEO-friendly product on your store page.
Length is 60-120 words.

SEO Copywriting for furniture store on Google

Attract more high-quality leads for your online furniture store with my SEO-friendly product description package.


I will help you both sell and top search on Google


  1. Your problems.


Are you struggling to get customers to buy your furniture this month?

You want to improve sales but don’t have a lot of money to invest. But want to have sustainable long-term results.

Then you’ve come to the right place. I will introduce how to do this right as the title of the article. Helping you to both get to the top of Google search and sell with only 1 product.

If you have more than 1 product, the better for selling through search engine SEO


Dear, small and medium enterprises in the furniture industry. And e-commerce.


Yesterday I read an article about the skyrocketing demand for furniture from customers in the US during the pandemic. Make the supply not meet the demand of buyers.


This is also happening largely because customers are leaving apartments in big cities in the US to return to their hometown or suburbs.

Buy their houses. Therefore, the furniture in the apartment is no longer usable.

They turn to online purchases. This coincided with the social distancing order that prevented people from going to the store. Even the most demanding customers. Also have to step on the phone screen, computer to buy goods.


Therefore, the demand for online shopping has exploded online. Followed the establishment of furniture businesses.


At the same time, traditional businesses are led by middle-aged people. Also had to go online to focus on digital transformation.


This will be much more difficult. Compared to the offline environment in real life. When you just wait for customers to choose products at the store and buy.

 You need to spend up to 80% of your time marketing and selling. The remaining 20% ​​focuses on the production process and store management.


Meanwhile, according to Business Insider statistics, up to 58% of local business owners spend only 5 hours a week marketing on the internet for their business.


What is the result of doing that.

Those are sketchy product pages, with only some basic information about the product. And some simple pictures.

On their Facebook page there are occasional photos. Include phone number. Or record a live steam video at the store.

And hopefully customers will text, call to buy from you.

How many customers will you get each month by doing so?

I’m sure you already know your results well.


I say that, because I have been doing advertising and marketing for furniture businesses for the past 3 years.


I met and talked to them.

They all have the mindset of craftsmen, making good products. But weak in marketing and sales. Make them only able to sell goods at wholesale and wholesale prices to those who sell more effectively than them.


At the same time, I was also born and raised in a woodworking village in Hanoi, Vietnam

So I’ve done anything in the industry other than design. From production, marketing, transportation and installation to customers.


  1. Solutions to improve sales for you.

Then is there any way for you? A business owner is in need of customers to buy from you or not?.


The answer is yes. You can hire marketers to bring customers to you.

With SEO copywriting writing package for interior products on your website.


I know that you will encounter certain difficulties when hiring people.

From fear of fraud, losing money without efficiency, to brand damage.

Because there are a lot of impostors who speak very well but can’t get the results they say.

So you need to find people who are already delivering results for their clients in this agency world.


As noted above and in these emails and blog posts. I specialize in helping furniture businesses sell online on their website.

What I did was bring customers to them through writing, designing product pages. To sell on their website.


As you can see in the photo below. This product article brought my client 62 leads in 1 month period.

 In which, 30 leads are converted into buying customers and meeting at the store.


The price of this product is 1500 USD.

And I help them sell dozens of these products every month.


And here is also a product from 1 battle

Other translations I did for my clients.


The article describing this product brought in 63 leads including people who called and texted via Facebook messenger and Zalo. One of the popular messaging apps in Vietnam.


The price of this product is 3900 USD.


And I can also sell my customers many high-priced products like this.

See photos below


This has broken the perception of many people that they cannot sell high-priced e-commerce products through the website.

As a friend of mine said.

Actually with such high priced products. You need to sell to them over the phone or talk to them via video messages, pictures.

You can’t expect customers to pull out a credit card and then fill out your order form on your website. Like other cheap products.


And yet, this article is also on the top of Google keywords. It brings a lot of organic visits.

As you can see below.

Last year there was a time even though I didn’t update the content for a long time. But every month still 10-20 customers come from organic search on Google.


Please see below.


  1. Is this right for me?

The answer is yes if you decide to sell through your furniture website. Or simply have customers call, text or email you.

With high-priced products like furniture, this is the most suitable way. Because you can’t convince customers to buy thousands of dollars right away and then pay online.

If you are struggling with posting a lot of articles on your website but not selling.

Making a website costs thousands to tens of thousands of dollars without ordering.

Then it’s time for you to change the way you do to stop wasting your money.

Because now you need to convince customers to believe you through content and copywriting.


So what will you get after using this SEO standard interior product description writing package.

Product Description (Available in one, three, five or custom packages)

  • SEO optimized keywords
  • Personalized for your target market. Exclusively for the furniture industry
  • A call to action
  • Quality copy and impactful headlines
  • And more!


  1. Why do I need to use your product description package and not another company’s?


Because at hauccm I and my associates will help you sell your interior products/services effectively. With practices and tactics that have been proven to work in the furniture industry.

Which I have been doing for over 3 years for my furniture clients in Vietnam. That’s the first thing

           Second: I myself was born and raised in the country of furniture production.

 SEO Copywriting for furniture store on Google

I used to do production, marketing, sales and home delivery. So I understand how customers need furniture. To write effective content.

The third is: Besides, I have been doing Google and Facebook ads, so I understand how the platform works. As well as user behavior on that platform.

Fourth, more importantly, I want to help you create a seamless customer experience from your Facebook ad to your product page.

Thereby enhancing the reputation of your furniture store. Get your customers to buy from you.


-If you buy together with the Facebook copywriting package, you will get better results. Because I bring a complete solution from advertising to sales on your website.


  1. How does this work

– It’s as simple as making sure to add to your cart, Fill in your contact information.

Then choose postpaid or partial prepaid


Finally, fill out a downloadable questionnaire that includes your product details and send it back to us so we can start building the best product descriptions for you and your business. your career!


  1. What do I need to invest?

Then go back to your way of doing things. Which I talked about at the beginning of this article.

I have a question.

Are you willing to change your current results to bring in customers for your furniture business?.

If so, use the table below to choose the right package for your business.


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