Thumbnail image and SEO video on your Youtube channel.

Bundle for making thumbnails and writing SEO descriptions for Youtube videos


 In January 2021, I received an E-mail from Noah Kagan, one of the entrepreneurs who founded the Sumo app, and the owner of the YouTube channel Noah Kagan.

Very famous for online business, and sales

At that time, he said that his Youtube channel team was in need of a thumbnail maker (thumbnail for Youtube channel).

The job is just designing the videos on his Youtube channel.

A high salary depends on your experience. But he guarantees no less than 2000 US dollars.

And it continues to increase.

Of course, to do this, you need to pass the company’s entrance test.

This job can be done from home.

And he also said that if you refer him, he will pay the referrer $2000.


I also hire people to do this. I didn’t do it because I was busy at the time.

And there are a lot of people applying.


So what is a thumbnail image that makes Noah pay up to $2000 +?


It’s simple: the thumbnail for a video on Youtube is the avatar that informs the user what the video is about.

If it’s engaging, it will increase your video’s click-through rate by 40%.

Thereby driving more views for your videos from searches and recommendations.

And you don’t have to pay for advertising or SEO anymore. Just do it 1 or 2 times and you’re done


Thus, the revenue from Youtube Adsense ads as well as sales through that channel will increase much higher.


Combined with writing, and doing SEO for videos on Youtube, it will help videos get more organic views.

And if you’ve read this far and realized this is a must-do for videos on your Youtube channel.

To increase channel subscribers

Increase views for videos

Increase Youtube Adsense advertising revenue

Increase orders from Youtube for your eCommerce store, 

Increase leads and sales

Like I did

But you are:

No time to do this

Lack of skill to make it a smooth, delicious peach branch


Then you can use the package as a thumbnail + write SEO for my Youtube videos.

What you will get when using this package.

Not sure which one you need? Send us an email at: with a link to a sample video similar to the style you’re aiming for and we’ll help you choose the right package for you.


YouTube Thumbnail & Metadata Design – $100/video. For furniture channels, ecom

A great video can only go so far by doing those 2 things
-1 is an eye-catching thumbnail design. This can increase video click-through rates by up to 40%. Also known as increasing CTR for videos. We will modify it 3 times. Like Mr. Beast did with the video on his Youtube channel.
I mean, I heard him say in an interview that his team tests the thumbnail at least 3 times in every video he uploads. So I think it’s better to learn his way. And I have also been applying for my Youtube channel.

-2 is that writing SEO-optimized metadata (aka video SEO optimization) is essential to gaining traction with your videos and ultimately growing your channel. Add this pack to your video editing and we’ll create a beautiful, branded thumbnail and write your title, description, and tags.

Animated intro and end screen – $220

The channel intro and end screens are beautifully designed and animated to match your brand. So you can use it again and again in all your videos.

Extra service plus

Edit videos on your Youtube channel.

Basic Plan – $120/video
Edit for your weekly videos ✨ We’re passionate about learning your style, understanding your brand, and making sure your video style matches what you already have on your channel!
Includes videos up to 20 minutes in length
Add a basic static header, still image, and any necessary b-roll
Add background music that is safe for money (and not cheesy – we promise!)
Includes a modification ring

Standard Plan – $249/video
More than just basic YouTube editing – this includes all the bells and whistles to give your videos a professional flair.
Includes videos up to 20 minutes in length
Add animated titles, subtitles, motion graphics, still images and any necessary b-roll
Add background music that is safe for money (and not cheesy – we promise!)
Color correction, color grading, and adding dynamic transitions
Advanced audio editing – correct noise and add sound design
Includes a modification ring
– Add 1 short video separated from the main video.

How it works

  1. You choose the service you want me to do for you
  2. You choose the templates in the sample library about Youtube marketing that I have posted here and send me via form or skype, LinkedIn
  3. I will make a demo for you and send to you via Google doc
  4. You approve the demo or ask for correction (maximum 3 corrections)
    And pay me to get the final design, content
  5. I send you the final product via Google Drive,