Share some experiences when running video ads on youtube

Share some experiences when running video ads on youtube

Youtube is getting more and more attention from users, advertisers, and businesses. Especially after the Facebook scandal. Besides, the development of youtube as an enterprise TV channel becomes more and more necessary. When the video continues to grow strongly. Take up more than ½ of the internet traffic.

As a person who used to run youtube ads, it was also a time. There were also some failures, as well as certain successes. I look forward to sharing with you some experience when running ads and making videos to advertise on YouTube.

With 6 experiences when running video ads on youtube. I hope you will save money when you run video ads on Youtube.

  1. Don’t Target run ads according to the opponent’s video link or channel

If you like

-Just a small company

– Your rivals on youtube do not have many views and subscriptions

– Your content is not more attractive to your opponent, or worse

– Your channel has just been created, not yet highly reputable.

It’s best not to run spy link ads. (run ads for those who have seen the opponent’s channel)

Because of :

One is that it will not display the number of impressions on the Google Ads system. Because the number of people can display is quite low. You know the number of people who do not know your product or service and the opponent is more than the number of people who have watched the video of the opponent.

So what you have to compete for is that small number of users.

For example, you can only count 10 strongest opponents, the number of people you can reach is not much. Only about a few million people. As such, your potential customers are getting lower and lower.

I have heard the words of an expert telling me how to advertise for those who have watched the opponent’s video. At that time I honestly told me not to know:

So he said: I don’t know how to advertise /

After doing advertising for clients, I did the same thing. And the result is: Google can’t statistically estimate how many impressions it is.

It will always display in the state that is reviewing the ad. Although it still subtracts money from the account.

And absolutely no statistics to know how much the advertising effect is.

I made a loss of 3.7 million VND from the customer without bringing in any money.

Only one call and one comment. Also calculated according to CPV, the price 108 VND / view in Vietnam is expensive.

Meanwhile, advertising prices in Vietnam for youtube channels are among the cheapest in the world.

Secondly, when your channel is new, your reputation with users and youtube is not high. Your content is not better, is it sure that users will see your ad instead of watching their opponent.


In fact, once the user has watched the opponent’s channel, subscribed to the channel, they are very loyal. Because watching the youtube channel is good, they will trust, watching more and more videos leads to buying decisions.


Three is about the frequency of posting videos. If the opponent posts videos regularly, optimize the video better than you. Even if you run a lot of advertising money, you can’t be equal to them. Maybe when you are running, you will be on top of searching on youtube. However, when you stop running, you will not have viewers anymore.


You may not know: Youtube’s goal is to achieve 1 billion hours of viewing/day/ To be dominant is the world’s largest video social network. In order to retain their customers are advertisers. That’s why the most important thing for them is the frequency of posting your videos. Next is your video content.

Therefore, you need to follow the rules of the game here to achieve success, not just aiming to compete with your opponents.



2 / About the time of making promotional videos

This needs to be based on the goal of making your video. If you want to play a long game. In order to increase views, increase the number of subscribers. You can do the shared content about your product. Videos help customers choose products. So it can be 5-30 minutes or longer.


However, if your goal is to sell. The length of the video should only be a maximum of 3 minutes. As recommended by youtube is from 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Also according to my observations and experiences. The video from 2-3 minutes is still effective. when advertising. Still, have people comment and call.

The average viewing time still reaches 70% for video. Since then increase the likelihood of eating is highly recommended.

This is suitable for beginners. When 1 minute is too short for you to i

introduce the product.

However, to lead to sales effectiveness, it depends on the content of the video that I will talk about in the next section.

  1. Content of the video (About sound, light)

You may notice something different: Why the same product. The same information the same. But give different results. One person answered in no time to the calls. And texting to the point of calling the wrong number to the customer. What about a long waiter who has a comment about the product?


The answer depends on many factors.

But mostly it is in the content of the video.

Not only what do you say, say, but also include factors such as Light, full or dark.

Whether to turn and spin away or just have a turning angle

Whether the sound is clear or not. In many cases, products that are filmed on the street still have motorbikes, people say. But still more effective than the product shot in the studio. Especially with furniture. The lighter and closer the more people see.

Especially the energy in your offer is very important.

A young person who is energetic, speaks fluently despite little experience. It can sell more goods than an experienced person with a small voice, no internal force.


Do you know about the 38% effective number in communicating from voice?

That’s right, the voice has a huge impact on the listeners’ emotions. Especially when you shoot the product video and don’t show your face. At this time almost 100% of their attention will focus on your voice. Like when making a phone call.

So improving your voice so that you have energy is a necessity.

Many people are impressed by the voice of a confident person. That shows them that you can be trusted.


There was a salesman who told me: Before improving the voice. Then she sold very few goods. Every time there is no one watching it live.

However, after training, only a one-hour live stream on Facebook. She sold 40 orders in just 1 hour.

  1. Video content (About expressive language)

This also depends on who your target customers are. And your age.

Because of :

If your customer is a young person you can speak to them according to the language of the young person. Let them see you understand them, and their problems.

If your customers are middle-aged people, if you don’t know how to talk to middle-aged people, you can use generic words. Like you, me, or brother. Some easy-going customers will ignore it, not paying attention. Because they care about the main product then come to you.

If you are an old man, in the 30-40 range, you can be more effective in addressing yourself. It shows that you are the same person like them.

It is important to have empathy with customers.


The simplest promotional video script is to follow this formula.

According to Jordan Belfort’s 3-point formula 10 when selling

Jordan-Belfort sales formula

Score 10 for the product

Score 10 for sellers

Score 10 for the company selling that product /


For customers, the first thing they care about is the product. Because it is a tool, a means to solve their problems and pain. So the first thing you need to present is about the product to serve their interests first.

As a restaurant, the most important thing that the shop sells is food, your product is the most effective marketing method. Customers see the food, smell the fragrance from afar. Then they noticed where the shop was. And when they finished eating, they noticed the shop name.

That’s why in the video when you answer the question: Why do you need to buy this product? Successful new arrivals you need to buy this product, and where to buy…

Why should you buy from you? Don’t say, “Please buy from me. Don’t buy opponents A, B, C doing so, losing customers’ trust.”

Lastly, answer the sales question: why should you buy this product now?

This sentence is only for customers who are hesitating and confused. If there are customers who need to buy now, they will contact you to buy the product.

Yet many people go on describing their company and address, and the history of the company. How many years have been sold, how much it has served, how much customers and facilities are terrible. While the product section is very short. Especially those who sell high priced products. As furniture, automotive,


Clearly, those who do so are showing that they are only interested in their interests. But don’t care about customers and their problems.


  1. High-quality running should combine SEO to achieve optimal results

The purpose of this is to help videos still have viewed when they stop the advertising campaign.

Through video optimization, you will be able to attract customers who are allergic to advertising. Customers actively search for products. But not just passive customers through advertising.

Youtube has an advantage over Facebook that is. Your videos just need to be optimized and still have views and interactions even if you don’t run ads anymore.

Thus you can create passive income from a proposed video.

One of my customers sold goods through a suggested video. Although the video is only optimized. No suggestions but still get views from youtube.

And there are many people calling and asking whether the view is lower than the opponents.


  1. Choosing the budget from the beginning is also important

According to my experience. You can only choose 1 of the two budget options:


: Total campaign or daily budget from the beginning.

And if it doesn’t work, you can choose it again.

However, if an option has worked, the second option is meaningless.

Not effective again.

For example, you choose a daily budget and run ads effectively. In the following campaign you select the total campaign budget, you will be informed by Google that you must raise the amount higher than the previous amount to achieve the same effect.

The situation is the same if you choose the total campaign budget and run ads effectively.

Conclusion :

Above is my share of the experience of running youtube ads. Include 6 experiences when running video ads on youtube

I don’t know if anyone knows these things yet.

If you are a newcomer like me, these experiences will be very helpful to you during the process of running ads.

Those who are good and skilled can comment to me to discuss more.

You can share with your friends about 6 experiences when running video ads on youtube. They will appreciate you

Thank you for reading this article.

Do you have any questions about running ads, web design, WordPress advice? I am ready to answer you as soon as possible.

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