Should Google Youtube ads or Facebook ads? Which one will be more efficient?

Should Google/Youtube ads or Facebook ads?. Which one will be more efficient?
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Should do Google Youtube ads or Facebook ads
What is the real question business owners want to ask?

1. Which one is better? Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, or Google/Youtube ads? “

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among new eCommerce business owners.
As well as those opening furniture stores for the first time. Or just convert digitally in 2020.
These questions are all over Quora and Google.
There’s nothing wrong with asking that question.
Should Google Youtube ads or Facebook ads
                       Should do Google Youtube ads or Facebook ads
But, most people ask it for the WRONG reasons.
They don’t fret about the pros and cons of each platform or which one is the most user-friendly.
Instead, what they are REALLY asking for is:
“Which advertising platform will drive better results for my business?”
There’s something wrong with THAT question.
Because when it comes to getting leads and sales in your eCommerce business…
… Traffic coming from U DO NOT matter.
Simple presentation:
Clicks coming from Facebook (or YouTube, or Instagram, etc.) are NOT “better” than clicks coming from anywhere else.
On any platform, you can sell low-priced goods and high-priced goods to the same customer file. Not according to the stereotype that on Facebook you can only sell at low prices. Or Tiktok is all young, they don’t have money to buy goods, friends.
Such thinking is completely wrong. And it doesn’t solve the problem of which ad platform to choose.
Instead, the ONLY thing that matters is the QUALITY of the traffic.
If you’re sending quality clicks to your channel or eCommerce store, they’ll convert. Regardless of the item’s price as high as $700+ or ​​more. You can still sell it successfully.
And vice versa, if you buy low-quality clicks to cheap deals (for example $10), only a few or no orders will arise.
It doesn’t matter where they come from.

2. How to find the answer to this question

So the correct answer is that you need to find out the traffic quality of the ad.
Which want to find out the quality of the traffic. Then you need to answer some of the following questions about customers and products.
Because successful businesses are because they do these two things well. One is understanding the customer.
The second is understanding the product.
Right from the start, you need to learn about your customers. Especially with e-commerce items. It’s easy for people to know and copy everything about you. From products to ads and landing pages. So the key to success is understanding the customer. The more an entrepreneur understands his customers, the better he wins the market.
Through questions like:
-Who are they?
– What hobbies do they have?
-But where do they hang out on the internet
– What behavior do they have there
– What is the specific problem your product solves for them?
– Do they really need the product? (Answer this question to find out if they can solve their problem using a free solution?. If not, they don’t need your product.
– How much do they need your product? Or do they know they need this product?
– Why did they choose you and not someone else.
(Answering this question will give you an offer that customers cannot refuse)
These questions can only be successfully answered when you survey your customers. Plunge into sales with free traffic. Look for customer reviews for your company. Answer customer questions.
From there, choose the right offer for your business.
Then you will also know which ad to choose.


3.When should you invest money in advertising?

Of course, you can advertise right from the start. But if you have the capital to test. As little as $2000 with Facebook ads.
$2500 with Google Ads.
The goal is to understand the customer. Find the winning ad. And most importantly find out your ROAS.
Any type of advertising can generate ROAS if you seriously invest in it.
Now people say Facebook ads are better. But Google advertisers say Google’s GDN ads are better. Can be more extensible. How about reaching the majority of internet users?
And if you don’t have the capital to test, you can do it gradually. Pick out your best sellers first when you’re offline at the store. To put it online.
Then find out the customer persona who is interested in your product.
By reading reviews, reading messages on Fanpage, Instagram, Google My Business.
To draw out some products that can be advertised. You start with small amounts. Then gradually increase.
I think you can advertise now. Once you understand a bit about the customer. And understand your offer well.
Example: Customer portrait for 2 niches of the home furniture market.
– Age: 26-30 – 45
– Gender: male – female
– Area: major cities and provinces
– Hobbies: interested in home appliances, interior and exterior design
– Behavior: less online, using tablets and high-end phones.
– Potential groups: home community groups, design groups, furniture groups, home items.
– Potential Fanpage: Fanpage about interior design, home appliances, high-class interior products.
–More the note: if this file is accessed by personal profile, it can be searched by industry or interest. Fanpage target is simple.
– Age: 28 – 45
– Gender: female, male predominate
– Area: big cities, neighboring provinces…
– Hobbies: pottery, woodwork, home decoration….
– Behavior: online infrequently, online during lunch or dinner breaks around 9-10 pm
– Potential groups: groups of ornamental plants, birds, interior and exterior, furniture….
– Potential Fanpage: Fanpage by keywords: ceramics, furniture, furniture….
– Extra note: this file needs good customer care, a very high repurchase rate, or refers friends, relatives, colleagues….
4. Conclude
In short, you should choose an advertising platform when you know how to find the customer persona for your product.
The product is not that important. Because only a handful of products are banned. Or you can’t run ads on two major platforms, Google and Facebook.
The rest is comfortable. And remember, there is no need to find products because you can only do it for a day or a few hours only. Soon someone will copy your copy without missing anything. And even faster.
it is important to generate quality traffic by understanding what your customers need. Then appeared in front of them. With the promise that you’re the only one with a product that solves their problem.
Thank you for reading this article.
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