Should you choose Shopify or Woocommerce platform for your ecommerce store in this time of crisis?

Dear friend. Up to this point, it can be said that: E-commerce is the industry benefiting from the pandemic event. Because everyone has to stay at home more. So they will go online and buy more for their household needs. Even people of middle age and old age. Has also started to go online shopping. When the grocery stores familiar with them were closed.
And of course, Amazon is the company that benefits the most, followed by a series of other online sales companies. The current situation forces companies that used to sell in stores and showrooms to now switch to the internet.
As a result, there is an increasing demand to find an online store. The most prominent of which are two famous e-commerce platforms are Shopify and Woocommerce.

So which one should you choose? To operate my e-commerce store here.
There have been many comparative debates already. So I don’t write about their features or benefits to compare anymore.
On the other hand, I am originally a Woocommerce user for e-commerce websites for customers. Over the past 3 years. I haven’t used Shopify yet, so this article is only about the purpose and cost of each option.
Although I did watch a video about how to use Shopify to post products to a store on Youtube. And find it easy to use.
This especially will compare the support of platforms in this Covid 19 translation.

Note: This article is not sponsored by any company. If you buy through the link on this blog, I will receive a small commission from the company that provides the product. Prices are still the same as when you purchased directly. That you and I both benefit.

1. In terms of supporting customers to develop stores in this time

+ Shopify
When you go to the Shopify home page, you will see a notification of their support for e-commerce store owners. In times of disease like this, the support of platform companies like Shopify is essential. Help them open stores and maintain through a pandemic
Specifically :

– Increase the trial period from 14 days to 90 days for those who are trial. Newbies will also get a 90-day trial period.
– Unlock some features that advance push only for premium packages
– You can also upgrade immediately to a paid plan to use better features like shopping cart emails without being charged during the trial period
– Free email marketing package for all customers regardless of the service package. Until October 1, 2020. You will still be free 2500 emails sent. Only charge 1 USD for the next 1000 emails.
– Free app to create Gift Cards for your customers. Maybe you do not know. Facebook is also helping businesses create gift cards for your customers. In order to increase sales per order. So why not take advantage of the two companies’ support to help you grow sales and profits.
– Support local delivery by Shopify POS application. In the time of social isolation like this, customers just want to buy near the home. To avoid contact with people far away. Therefore, optimizing local delivery makes it easier for your customers to make decisions. When displaying local names on your site.

– The most important and can say that the convincing weight you should do with Shopify is Shopify’s investment fund for small businesses with a total value of 200 million US dollars. They are working with to provide this investment credit package in the UK and US. They also promise that this will appear soon in other countries. At this time, it is running out of capital, and the investment capital from the company itself is a big plus.
– 24/7 online support via live chat, email, call. And there’s a community forum to support you.
– There are also online events to train new entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Programs to meet online sales experts on Shopify by location. Where you can learn many strategies and their practices here.

     +. Woocommerce 

Reading through is great, right?
However, do not rush to sign up to see how Woocomerce supports the community of business owners.
+ About Woocomerce, although it is one of the software that creates e-commerce stores with the largest number of downloads. So far there have been more than 3.78 million Woocommerce installations compared to Shopify’s nearly 1,000,000 people.
Because this is the open-source platform of Woodress so it is free. Woocomerce will only benefit from selling owners, plugins, and hosting if there are buyers. It is not mandatory so they cannot provide as much support as Shopify.
Specifically, the business community support of Woocommerce is as follows.
– Create more online seminars and meetings to help the community in this epidemic. Here successful entrepreneurs will share their lessons. However, because it was voluntary so few people participated.
– Supporting knowledge resources to cope with logistics and shipping tensions.
– Instructions on how to contact the payment services to
help you.
In general, Woocomerce support is mainly focused on the content to help you learn how to overcome difficulties yourself. True to their self-made motto.
Unlike Shopify, you don’t have to pay for the first 3 months without having to worry about the technical side to focus on running your e-commerce business.
However, if only such a comparison is a bit lame. Because to use Woocommerce you need to have hosting and domain name.
So the following 4 vendors will support hosting services for your store as follows. With low to high cost. In order to save costs for you.
If you are willing, they will support you in your teeth. These are also world-famous WordPress hosting providers. You can trust them to help you do this. Help you install, update, and secure your hosting.

2., About  support marketing and sales for customer 

– The hosting provider does not support email marketing for you. But the companies specializing in Email marketing support you quite a lot.
– You can see the most famous is Mailchimp with Mailchimp for Woocommerce and Mailchimp for Shopify which is famous for millions of installs.

– Mailchimp’s email marketing service is optimized for sales on e-commerce websites with features optimized for it. This has been serving their 20 million customers around the world.

– Which are mainly small and medium business owners? Their free plan provides 2000 to the system, 12000 emails/month. It has an autoresponder email automation for
There is also an automatic reply built-in to help you create a remarking campaign email marketing. For customers who abandoned the cart.
Especially the Jet company. With a dedicated service for Woocommerce that helps you recover customers’ abandoned carts.

– About the gift card application, there are many plugins on Woocommerce that can help you deploy a sales promotion program through gift cards. With prices from free to one-time payment. There is no monthly charge.

– About delivery, Woocommerce has many applications to support your delivery by local. However, to optimize delivery, it can not be equal to the Shopify app. Because that’s their service. The company will provide that for free to you.

– About payment: You will have to choose Shopify payment for savings. Because you will have to pay 1-2% extra cost when choosing another form of payment.

As for Woocommerce, you can take advantage of many forms of online payment for businesses. And you will lower your costs. Paypal is currently exempting some types of fees for businesses during this time.

The most important end is your purpose.
Shopify will suit you when you.
– Trading in only 1-2 products, want to make dropshipping effective. You can choose a free theme like Jumpstart. This is the official theme of Shopify. They will install this theme for you by default when you register Shopify.
– This theme has a very bright design. Beautiful, focusing only on the product to help customers buy products effectively. Instead of having a heap of ineffective banners.
– The theme has almost no banners to reduce user distractions.
– It is quite suitable if you only have 1-2 products. So, assuming you’re starting a business around mostly 1 to 2 products, this is the ideal theme for you.

– The design of this theme will help to highlight the product in an astonishing way. With compatible interfaces on both desktop and mobile devices – something, we have always proposed to help bring a good experience for users.
– The theme is very light, fast download speed, and quite smooth surfing. Not only does it have a beautiful design, but it also gets attention on exactly what you want your customers to target.

– In short, if you are in the startup phase with 1 to 2 products, this will be the most ideal interface for you.
If you have a large budget, have many products, you should choose to buy a paid theme to make the most of the effect.
If you choose to buy the theme in Shopify’s store will be very expensive. But not necessarily proved to be effective for $ 180 that you pay for the creator of this theme. To save costs. You can buy a theme for Shopify on Themeforest for only $ 35 / theme.
You do not need to worry about the technical infrastructure because someone else has worried. With low cost, this is a good option to invest.

You should choose a Woocommerce when:
– You are a traditional business that wants to move your store from Offline to online. Then you should choose Woocommerce. It will help you save investment costs for this website.

When there are many products. You will need a mega menu. There should be many other features. Also if you want to control your website. Then you should choose woocommerce.

Because online conversion is a process. In that case, you apply a combination of interface, content, and additional features on the site. From there create a good user experience. Thereby increasing the conversion rate from visitors from customers and sales.

Conclusion :

In my opinion, I will choose to host + Woocommerce.
Because this is the software I have been working on and it has worked for 3 years from now on as a web designer.
And the Shopify is not really done. Although realize it has many advantages for beginners.

Hopefully, this article has brought you some useful things. If useful, don’t forget to give me 1 like.

I will come back with articles on conversion optimization on e-commerce websites and landing pages. Help business owners increase sales and lead on an e-commerce website.

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