Should you make a website or a landing page?

Should you  make a website or a landing page?


This question is a question that a beginner selling online frequently asks on Google,

on social networking sites like Quora, or Facebook groups.

In fact, these questions are difficult to answer completely, so I will tell the story of my own experience to you.

In 2016, I first contacted the website and website design profession.

At that time, working with WordPress was not as beautiful as it is now.

But after I built a website for customers, I felt very happy. Make yourself a personal blog only. But, the fun is short-lived. Because I don’t stick with this job for long. Do not like anything.

After that, I was influenced by the person I admired, Tinh Nguyen. At that time joining Ladi Page, the current top landing page design platform.

The website outdated, he said. Now many people are working on websites anymore.

At that time, he only made a verbal statement. But there are no complete Ladipage data as of now to prove it.

But the spirit of real combat is very strong. Thanks to that, it has been stable until now. When there are results with absolute customer data. Then whoever told you was wrong he was an idiot. Do not understand anything about marketing and selling.

Business owners are rational people who make decisions based on data.

As for me, at that time I did not know that.

I believe you. Since I also have no experience, also have no intention of verifying the damage.

Should leave it, do not accept to be a website but go to work as a landing page. But then leave it.

I also strongly declare that the website is out of date. Now, anyone else makes a website using WordPress.

Because I don’t like it very much. And I must see something wrong here.

But I can’t explain it.

And it is strange that 2 years later, in 2017, 2018 I still accept website design for customers.

But very superficial.

Only until 2019. I started working on Google, youtube, advertising. TH requires me to make a standard website. I also seriously study Google advertising from Mr. Hien.

Then I also do SEO website, SEO Youtube too.

After that,

I received the sweet fruit that a customer contacted through the customer’s website.

There are a few hundred keywords to the top. Photo below.

Salaries skyrocketed 10 times as much as :

they earned during the two years after graduation.

Most of the websites I do are websites for many products.

Full high price products. I also run an ad on that product.

So I think the website is very necessary. Not only is it good for SEO, but also for effective advertising.

Customers who come in and don’t buy one product also buy another.

Based on the results that I measured by converting on Google, website, through tools.

I believe it works.

What about the landing page.

So far, I have not yet made a good landing page. And it works.

But at the end of last year, there was a workshop for Mr. Tinh.

And see the customer journey diagram that he drew.

I see both the landing page and the website are in it.

That means: one business can still do both. Landing page to run ads for 1 product. Or to collect more and more effective leads.

Website for remarketing, SEO, and branding for business.

So the more accurate question would be: “When to use the website when to use the landing page?

It depends on the circumstances to make the decision.

We can’t just say which one will be right for your business.

Of course, the metrics people like Tinh advertise for his landing page. Or my data talk about the effectiveness of the website.

It is true, based on that moment.

And are the purpose of marketing and sales for products and services of each person.

So if you believe in one direction, it’s bad.

Me too Previous news.

Now, it is necessary to re-adjust the perspective.

So I seldom read the articles of self-proclaimed experts online.

Basically, reading and knowing these guys just like:

directing, guiding how to do by thought.

This is also available in Vietnam or the world. But Vietnam is more.

Due to the ability to slash the god of melancholy.

Their content has a lot of views. The audience contested each other to comment,

complimented that it was easy to understand that sister was beautiful, he was handsome.

But do you really understand, if you can do it, only heaven knows, the earth knows and the people who comment on it know.

I said that after watching their video. Read their comments on Youtube then.

It can sum up like this.

Making a product page is like creating a booth, displaying products on it. Can you succeed with confusing, ambiguous, general instructions?

When it’s not time to work, you will be on your own to make the results. But no one wasted his energy following the mentor’s style like that.

But especially the question about the USP (that unique selling advantage).

This is an extra part.

When it comes to this sentence, my brain has frozen. Can not think of any answer.

Just bear, I sold the goods, then still I don’t know what my USP is.

And even if I found it, I don’t remember what to do.

Because doing so will make me feel dry. Maybe tell the customer that too.

It makes me fake how.

I present simply.

What I know about the product, about the company that sells it.

I think again later. I realize that the USP sentence is mainly used for the following cases:

To motivate yourself to believe in the product and its potential for development.

– To sell instructions to employees, in other words,

teach employees to understand the product in the simplest way.

– To sell benefits to investors, more vision and mission types.

Investors always look with financial eyes. Not looking with the eyes of the consumer. Thus, this argument is needed.

– And finally to return the lesson to the teacher instructing you too. Otherwise, he cannot help you. It’s too general.

Many times you even object to their words. Because your experience in management, marketing while working in another company is full. You don’t need to care if they don’t suit your opinion.

But to apply it to post-sales needs much more flexibility. Stick to it forever and compare with your opponent, you will always be slower than the opponent. Or just go with them.

Above is the article on why you should make a website or a landing page.

In short, it depends on the circumstances, the time. On your item too.

If you interested in or are planning to build a website,

read more articles on converting website design here.

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Thank you for reading this article.

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