The marketing and sales method is worth learning from Teds woodworking.

The marketing and sales method is worth learning from Teds woodworking.

That’s right, you didn’t hear it wrong. Only with books that teach people how to make chicken coop and other handicrafts.

But this guy has earned millions of dollars on Clickbank from 2012 to the present.
You are a carpenter, a craftsman.
. By learning how to market and sell furniture. You want to increase your revenue even higher.
You can type on Google, learn on Youtube with many good and free lessons.
However, to be a professional carpenter. Or better yet, becoming a person who can make money, even a lot of money from this job requires you to find yourself a teacher in both fields.
That is the production of products. As well as marketing and selling its products effectively. So that you can live with this job.
I can introduce you to thousands of articles and video tutorials here.
But that can be confusing. So I will focus on introducing two products that can help you become a carpenter and make money from the processing of handicraft wood.
Through this lesson you will also learn how to make marketing and sales worth learning from Ted and Jim.
This is an article that contains a lot of rich lessons, so if you think that reading it once can understand everything you need, you’re probably lying.
I think, there is nothing more tragic than someone who thinks that they can absorb all 15 minutes of things that others have spent years of accumulated labor including success and failure. OK.

People often turn to familiar authors and speakers in marketing and sales. However, for me, the marketers I admire and admire more than ordinary people produce extraordinary results from extremely “rudimentary” tools (they have never identified themselves). Master of sales or marketing.) They are just ordinary people with limited resources,

who produce admirable results in business, little known people but they have very methodical strategies that I deeply admire. … For example, Xuanzang in Vietnam – a girl who hates being abandoned by her boyfriend, then goes on Facebook all day to bring outrageous “anti-man” messages.

These messages accidentally struck a sympathy with millions of women, she quickly attracted to “half a million” female fans in their 20s and 30s (this is the age at which they spend money).

pretty good, in other words, a file of customers willing to pay to buy products and services.) She quickly became the idol of half a million people with hateful messages and quickly got a series of back ends from books (whether she wrote it or hired freelance to write, I don’t know either.) ) and make loads of money from fashion boutiques, high-end and low-end cosmetics.

In fact, this girl’s success comes from a fairly common concept but few business people realize that it is “Building a heroic image that dares to stand up against the common enemy of a certain group of people.” when the enemy is real or deliberately constructing an untrue foe that makes the story more appealing) and in this case the enemy is “a man”. his other name is Trang Ha, except that Trang Ha is not able to have a full back end like Huyen Trang.
So it’s no accident that he could sell millions of dollars from selling books that teach people to make chicken coops.
So if you are not a carpenter but a marketer, a freelancer wants to learn how to do this, read on

Those are two products: Ted’s Woodworking and Woodprofit
Ted and Jim Johan
You may have heard of these two ..
Someone said that it was just a person.
Searches for reviews of their products across the United States are also very high.
There are also articles denouncing their user fraud.
I do not think so. Because they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Time 2 months to use the product is relatively long so users absolutely can request a refund. If the product does not satisfy them.
But so far this product is still selling well on Clickbank without encountering any lawsuit of the user.
And most phishing warnings come from people who make woodwork or teach other crafts. And no other digital product can make as much money as Ted did.
Some people think that because they have many people doing marketing for them around the world.
So they sell a lot of goods. I do not think so. Because even though there are many salespeople for you, the results will be even worse if your product is not good There is a saying: “Good products account for 50% of the success of a marketing campaign.
The remaining 50% lies in the execution of that campaign.
I think the people who make and sell these two digital products are very knowledgeable about marketing, personal branding and American culture. Therefore, it is possible to sell many such products to users in the US and Western countries.
I am very passionate about business and marketing, so I have studied countless cases of success from very low starting points and in this case, Mr. Ted, would like to share with everyone some pretty useful lessons. Useful:

1. Building a personal brand very well

Some people think that both Ted’s woodworking and Woodprofit are made by one person. Because they are very similar.
If so, then this person is very good at personal branding.

Because personal branding is a big draw compared to a generic brand of a company.
Although the form of buying goods has moved online, people still want to buy from someone they know. I don’t want to buy from a ghost company with unknown names.
This was pointed out by the father of the advertising science Claude.B.Hopkin pointed out from the early 20th century. In his famous book: My story in advertising and advertising science. People who believe in being the main, a unique name will be more attractive than the name of a company. It is more personalized than the company name.

People will still believe people. So a Ted name of Ted’s woodworking or Jim Johan of Wood profit will make people believe in the story he tells. Even though this is a character that is not real. In fact, only a few people care about the authenticity of the character. Most people pay attention to the plot as the main.

Images of an old man named Ted or Jim Morgan smiling contentedly attract customers. Although if you like to track down, you can still find this image on the stock photography site.
But it is based on the perspective of a furniture expert. And those who hate this product. In fact, users never think so complicated and thorough that they go looking for hairline like this. Most people find that. They make a good first impression. Giving yourself the benefit is okay

The silver curls and crow’s feet show everyone he’s an adult. Make customers think that he has many years of experience in furniture industry.

Add to that the checkered shirt he was wearing showing his closeness. Because carpenters in carpentry workshops often wear such clothes. Create a prejudice that believes that: All day he worked in the workshop so he did not have time to change clothes, nor need to change his dress style.
It is true of the notion of successful people that most Americans believe in the style of Steve Job, or Mark Zuckerberg. The rich often wear one style of clothing to save time making decisions.

As for Jim Morgan, it was a man wearing glasses wearing a sweater. Create an intellectual with a successful business.
The story that these two men later told further reinforces our early understanding of why this man smiles. Because he had a successful career in his woodworking. He could smile like that.
The first impression is so good then the things behind it still create persuasion with customers.

The rise of Ted And Jim led the whole “industry” to sell digital products to the woodworking niche ….. It is about 100 youtube channels, a fan page, and a series of similar products of Ted of all Americans. Inside and outside the country also shared about wood processing, forestry, and forestry for farming.

2. Use numbers that show the huge, huge to attract customers’ attention

Have you noticed that the figures of 16,000 wood processing plans or the income of US $ 90,000-150,000 per year are highlighted throughout their stories, both in videos and articles, photos of these two websites?

They do so on purpose. To attract the attention of users. Especially Americans who love big, huge, and great things.
That may also be why Americans love US President Donald Trump’s motto: “Make America Great Again.”
The United States is a vast nation, a military, scientific and military superpower. There are many of their great achievements, if they are listed, they are achievements with big numbers. Like launching a rocket to the moon, Or showing off the vast Texas farm: “Do you ride horses all day without my land?”
So try asking if you take a mediocre number like 3000 woodworking plans. Or the income is only 60,000 USD / year only. Just above the average American income. No American will notice.

Despite the fact that they only need t numbers moans are enough for your work and your life.

The nature of advertising is to promise users the benefits they will enjoy when using the product in the future.
The goal is to bring more value than the user spent to buy the product. This is the classic selling principle that any marketer or salesperson must grasp. If you can not do that, it proves that your sales skills are very bad.

You should look at the problem in a more multidimensional way rather than just looking at external events.
However, it should be said: If you believe in the numbers in Wood profit. And buy products in the hope of getting rich quick. As much as working less and still having more money as the author says, it is irrational.
Because of those results. Whether it is real or fake, it is the authors. You can imitate strategies, practices, thinking, and tools.

But you cannot get:
– Skills to create quality products
– Time management skills to increase productivity.
– Marketing and sales skills
– Relationship with customers, partners, and employees
– Communication skills
– Working attitude, love this job only you know and develop it
All of these skills and attitudes take time.
The author also recommends that these are only his typical cases. That doesn’t mean you can do the same.

3, Give users more choice

Kết quả hình ảnh cho teds woodworking
Do you see that they insist on custom plans so that you can make products that are right for you?
This is exactly what users love. Not copyright issues.
Because the book Ted’s Woodworking contains many product blueprints. From all over the internet. The number of 16,000 woodworking plans is huge, suggesting that even a woodworking worker with years of experience in woodworking cannot create many of these drawings.
Many people will not believe this number either. But he convinced the user that: Among the 16,000 plans, there will be several dozen useful woodworking plans.
In fact, you will find people excited about a large number of blueprints, but they only need a few blueprints to use.
In this hand made and DIY craftsmanship, it is the most important thing to give people the right to control and control their own products.
It’s like buying from an IKEA furniture supermarket or a convenience store.
You like what you buy. Anything you don’t like can be ignored.
Which Jim John. An author, inspirational trainer said so in the book.
7 strategies for happiness and success.
” When reading this book, choose to go to the grocery store and buy things. Whatever idea you like or find feasible choose it. Any ideas you don’t like should be ignored.
It is not necessary to accept all of my ideas.
The author has created a feeling of his honesty in the reader. Make them agree to buy.
The feeling of creating our own products is valuable to Americans. That is also the reason for the success of furniture manufacturer IKEA.
Articles 2 and 3 show that. The author really wants to create an objective and transparent educational environment for his products.
Unlike others who constantly flatter their inferior products to the blue cloud.

4, Use video storytelling for marketing and sales

Since launch till now. The creator of Ted’s Woodworking has changed many videos to introduce his product.
His videos have gone from bad to bad. It was in 2014 when I first learned about this product on click banks. Sang became more and more beautiful and improved by 2020. When I returned to his sales page. Still only one teaser video.
That video makes an impression, attracts it with its simplicity and simplicity.
In it, Ted tells the story of his No. 1 delusion with woodworking. About his career and hard work in the manufacturing process, as well as collecting and testing models of household furniture.
This makes us sympathize with him when it’s not good. Until he introduces his product. People also agreed without any objections.
The story attracts users, making a good first impression. Golden impressions are hard to fade in the minds of users. Combine with an impressive cover image at the top of the site. Is the scene of the main character standing in front of his furniture factory.
The customer was completely convinced after watching the video.

You want to be as successful as them. Copy their strategy to create their own success.
I will give you my ebook on personal branding as well as how to make videos for selling on the internet. From my own experience in advertising and copywriting while advertising for the home furniture industry. When you buy real just any Ted’s Woodworking or Woodprofit ebook. Click on the bold text to read the review about this product.
After this session everyone will love to make homemade crafts. Or repair furniture more. Because the income of the American people is decreasing significantly.
You are new to unemployment
seize this opportunity to give you an opportunity to learn skills and create a left hand after the crisis is over.
As a carpenter, learn how to market and advertise the people who make these two products by buying them. And modeling their sales and advertising.
In wood profit Jim Jiman also shared how he marketed and sold on Esty. The world’s largest handicraft sales market.
If you want to sell other products. You can also learn and model their sales system. The best way to learn is to buy their product and go into their system.

And now a proof
Do you believe that they made millions by selling books to make a chicken coop?
Try the following calculation:
They say they sold 16,000 thousand eBooks * 37 USD = 592000 USD / month
Not to mention the money bundled together, selling more other products.
In fact, I don’t know exactly how many more products this Ted has sold.
Because that’s the number he published.
But I’ve seen that for 8 years (2012-2020), the revenue must be huge. Constantly tops the bestselling products in the DIY and woodworking niche on Clickbank. There are so many affiliate marketers selling this product to him. Many online marketing experts, Youtuber also take this product from him to market it to their audience and students.

5. Build an effective affiliate marketing collaborator system.

Well forgot to tell you. That is, he has built a guide system for affiliate marketing people, for his products very well.
I already registered as a member of it.
You will have access to a wealth of resources including Facebook ads, a Google keyword list for search advertising or SEO. Banner for display advertising. Designing a landing page and marketing funnel so you can collect customer lists and sell them via email marketing.
Therefore this product is increasingly widespread not only in the United States but also spread around the world.
He did exactly like the famous saying get rich: I would rather take 1% of 100 people than take 100% of one person. But this 1% is everyone willing to sell to him.
So it is not strange that he became a millionaire, right?
Thank you for reading this article.The marketing and sales method is worth learning from Ted’s woodworking.
See you in the article about conversion marketing on your website, blog.

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