The most effective way to develop your youtube channel


The most effective way to develop your youtube channel.

In just 3 words: Content, marketing, and calling to action. Which I call CMC for short.


It stands for


C: Content


M: Marketing


C: Call to action


Let me explain to you more fully.


First: Content is the most important factor that,

leads users to spend on average 40 minutes watching videos on Youtube. According to user statistics in the US. It also helps you to increase your views, subscribers. Advertising revenue from Youtube.


Or increase the number of participants in your email list. Or simply click the link below the description of the video buy.

Example: YouTube has a monthly course for content creators.


And this guy’s channel has only 5000 subscribers but many views. And the number of buyers is very large.


Speaking of content is talking about the niche. You probably already know that this phrase means niche. But you should also know that there are only 3 big niches that will help you develop your channel:


  1. Entertainment


  1. Education


  1. Inspiration


In which entertainment is easiest. But also unbeatable. Inspiration makes the hardest. But has the most viral and interactive capabilities.


And education is neither difficult nor easy. But need someone with a mind to do.


– The second is marketing for that video. If you think viral videos are due to luck, you will never grow a Youtube channel. Because there is no universal formula for a video to go viral without any impact.

Not to mention even if you are lucky enough to get a viral video,

there’s no guarantee that your next video will continue to go viral.


But, the halo effect will deplete you of your ideas and inspiration to do the content.


Example: Psy’s famous Gangnam style video is the first viral video in the world to reach 1 billion views. Now I don’t know how much it jumped to. But I’m sure of you: He can’t make a product of normal quality for his audience. Let’s not talk about making the next hit.


That said, it’s just to show you that marketing is important. During channel development. Unless you’re a cover artist of someone else’s song, your content could go viral.

 2. The scond Marketing for video

Marketing on Youtube includes creating free and paid traffic.


If you do it for free, you will need an SEO video for Youtube.


Follow the paid way, you will do Youtube, Facebook, Instagram ads


Most successful people will choose to do it for free.


Because it’s simple, easy to apply. And what’s important is that there is no fear of losing money for ineffective views.


Of course, if I stand from my personal perspective as a person. Who advertises Google and content marketing for businesses. Then I will do youtube ads for that video first. Then combined with SEO.


The results will be faster. Because I have 3 years of experience working on youtube for 2 years doing Google advertising.


If you don’t have what I have, you can hire someone else for you. Or choose to do it for free.


SEO has two parts onpage and offpage


On page,

is the internal SEO of video optimization with the second largest search engine in the world,

Is youtube. With the optimization of the composition of the title, description, keywords, avatars, comments…


Maybe you just make 1 attractive avatar,

increasing the likelihood of users clicking on your video by 40%. At the same time make that video get a high recommendation from youtube.


Aim to

Good Thumnail youtube will increase CTR up to 40%
Good Thumnail youtube will increase CTR up to 40%

put your video on page 1 of search results on Youtube and Google. Also, help your video get suggestions from youtube.


Offpage is the SEO outside of Youtube when you post on your websites,

your social media accounts, your guest post.


– 3. Third is C stands for CTA (call to action)


This step is also very important. Often you will find there are channels where they don’t call to action at all and they still grow fuss.


They answer that they target two of the hottest content: entertainment, inspiration. These contents constantly have new trends that make the audience feel excited.


For example, your content is about education. It’s about technical education, for example. Then everyone who hears the name will find your topic boring. Or you just know how to sell on Youtube. As a result, no one likes you both.


Then for sure, you will need a call to action.


Here are the benefits of each of the respective calls to action.


– Calling the user to like, the user will receive more videos of your channel. When they visit their personal youtube homepage the next visit.


-Calling users to watch all the videos you will have higher ad revenue.

And more video recommendations below. But remember, the content is compelling. Then this call will work. Otherwise, no one will be sad to watch your video to the end.


About the proposal.


According to statistics that I know. When users watch up to 80% of the time of a video. They will then get a higher video recommendation for the channel itself. For example, you have a video of a 3-minute dancing cat. If users watch 2 minutes or more, your channel will receive suggestions from Youtube.


-Call-to-action subscriptions you get more subscribers and views as:

soon as you upload videos in the first hours. It also determines if your video has more views in the future.


-Call for the comment you will have interactive for the video. This helps your video to the top. Help you get more ideas for making videos from audience comments. Create brand trust for your business.


Call-to-action clicking on the link in the description will add leads to your email list.


– Or purchases from customers


– Calling them to call you will sell high-priced merchandise after just 1 call.


– Calling to share will get you more views from their friends and relatives on other social networks.

Except for Facebook because it’s the biggest rival of Google

(the owner of Youtube) in the video segment.


Actually, there is no social network that wants users to leave their platform.


So yes, the better. Without it, it’s okay.


Still the main actions on Youtube only.


Yet I have met a lot of people who do great content marketing well. But they lack a call to action. As a result, users forget what they should do next on the channel.


In this, it only takes you 3 seconds. Or you can create an intro and outro for the beginning and the end of the video. Is it possible to help you do this already?


Of course, you can only call for comments as much as like, comment, subscribe.


If you call too much, no one will. And they will just follow the first call you make.


So this skill also needs to learn and adjust.


So you only have 3 ways to develop your YouTube channel.


  1. Make the content useful to users.


  1. Marketing for that content.


  1. Call to action in and at the end of the video.


And all the specific ways that you see on the Internet are also in these 3 categories.


So remember CMC (Content- Marketing – Call to action).


When making my own youtube channel.


I draw this after doing Google advertising,

Making Youtube videos for clients as well as for my youtube channel.


Is this difficult to do?


I suppose once you have identified your content topic.


Then doing the next two stages will not be difficult at all.


If you say you have done your best and still have no success. Your youtube channel still only has a few sub turns, you are lying to yourself.


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