The secret of an effective advertising campaign that not all advertisers know.


The secret of an effective advertising campaign that not all advertisers know.


If you are a business owner, advertising manager. Selling high-priced products/services,

 you probably know the structure of a successful advertising campaign.

Is to have 1 following structure.

Ad → Pre-Landing/ Opt-in Page → Landing → Sales Call

Our mission is to sell clicks, not to sell products or services.

Pre-Landing/ Opt-in Page mission to collect data (pixel),

 the contact information of potential customers

 (Zalo, Viber, Whatapps, Email) for education, follow up.

The mission of the landing page, 

the product page is to convert potential customers into interested people.

Calling’s job is not to try to sell the product, but to confirm and close the deal!


Based on this structural analysis you can tell who you are


 Are you selling or not? If so, it is because you are having a wrong perception, or performing the wrong task of each job. May you are wrong on the landing page or the sales call. Not the advertiser.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with blaming the advertiser. While they are sellers who click for you.

I say that because many of my clients hire me to do advertising. The rest they do on their own. But when there are no results, blame the click seller like me.

Advertisers do not support or underwrite that campaign for you.

 From choosing products, 

making videos, designing landing pages, doing copywriting for ads and product pages.

So if possible, hire a person, a company, or an agency that can choose the winning product. And have an advertising strategy to attract customers.

Then you can completely create effective advertising campaigns that increase sales spectacularly.

That’s why I decided to do everything myself in selling online. From advertising to making product pages, making promotional videos.

Believe it or not, there’s a campaign I’ve sold that made $5000/week selling products like pearl bracelets.

Or a campaign that generates hundreds of customer calls asking about my client’s high-end living room furniture.

Through years of practice advertising and selling products. People like us draw a rule that is. Success in this area. Mainly comes from presenting a product, or an offer that customers cannot refuse. 


Combined with an effective advertising strategy will help you get more sales, as well as high-quality leads.

That leads to easier sales. Yes, you did not hear wrong. Good marketing, sales will be easy. No more using high-pressure sales techniques. Or try and welcome customers, making them feel overwhelmed and scared.

Thus, failure is certain.

How to solve this problem

And here I and my partner help you and your sales staff do it to confirm and close the deal. 


As mentioned earlier in this post.

Not trying to talk to people who are skeptical about your product/service.

What you will get when you sign up for my Done for you package.


Make your ads effective. We’ve spent days and thousands of dollars figuring out the right strategy – so now you can save your money!


Scale your business with a powerful technique – you can apply it to many products and reap profits.


Save your money on hiring a marketer – from now on you will be able to advertise your store professionally yourself.


Increase your profits! The more effective your ads are, the more money will appear in your bank account.


After you order the Winning Product & Facebook ads Strategy service,

What will we do for you:


  • Analysis of recent product ads on social networks


  • Pick 3 winning products for your store and you choose one of them


  • Prepare an attractive page of this product on your website


  • Optimize this page to make it high converting


  • Create 3 engaging video ads + 1 image ad for your winning product


Gives you an effective and proven promotional strategy guide,

 along with all your next steps to help you create ads that convert


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