The story successful of Pham Gia's interior

The story successful of Pham Gia’s interior

The story successful of Pham Gia’s interior


One day in March 2019. The guy with the same surname as me came to ask me to do advertising and SEO on Youtube for him.


As I have said many times in previous blogs. When I just started my marketing career on Youtube. I know absolutely nothing about Youtube ads.


I only know how to do SEO on Youtube that I do. As a result, the personal channel has nearly 2K subscribers.


But I still follow Sir Richard Branson’s words: “If someone offers you an opportunity that you are not sure you can do it. Then just agree. Then learn how to do it later.”


Of course, it’s not that I don’t know how risky this consent is. And the proof is that I lost 500 USD of the previous customer without bringing back any orders.


But I still work to be successful today.


Because I’d rather take a calculated risk than be afraid. But nothing changed.


Now he has a successful Youtube channel with over 30K subscribers. And especially with this channel. He only sells certain products. But sales are very good.

The story successful of Pham Gia's interior
The story successful of Pham Gia’s interior

The amount spent on advertising from 2019 to now is $150,000. In Vietnam with such a business. Operating with only 1 person is a huge number.


Sales, I can’t tell you exactly. Because: One is that this is a customer’s business secret. Second, because I only sell by phone, I can’t know the exact number.


Just know that profits are sometimes twice as high as costs for products and advertising.


This is also my first success.


Behind this success. Those are also the days when I continuously take classes on Google and Youtube advertising.


Read a lot of articles about video marketing, SEO video on Youtube, video ads. At home and abroad.


Only then will there be successful results like today.


Besides, it must mention the efforts of the channel owner when doing this.


He had already spent a lot of money on Facebook ads before. But no effect. After that, he accepted my instructions enthusiastically. Although I am also a beginner in video marketing, video ads.


Most of my ideas and ways of doing things were received and implemented by him. This increases the reputation of the channel. Attract more people to subscribe to this guy’s channel.


Combined with the ability to speak, record videos, and close orders over the phone, his father can. Also, a businessman who trained him for 5 years.


Just created success today.


Besides, the time factor must also be taken into account.


In 2019, there are almost very few people doing Youtube ads for the channel about furniture.


But only people make videos and upload them to sell through SEO and content marketing.


We were the first in Vietnam to do this.


Thus, the market is a stub with few competitors. Only after the ad played 10 minutes later did we have our first customer.


So, to be successful, many factors must come together. And not just ads.


But the factor that I think is the most important for a successful business owner.


It is good coordination between marketing staff, agencies like me, and business owners.


Because marketing requires constant innovation. To respond to market changes. That is why business owners need to have innovative thinking. In the new situation.


Then, the right ways of doing business can be put into practice. Otherwise, you can only rely on luck. Or the existing advantage of that business products such as quality and price only.


But can’t create new results.


“Doing the old way and demanding new results is the wish of a fool. “


Albert Einstein said.


But about the product and advertising is not the most important factor because.


Competitors can also create and import the same goods as you.


They may also copy your ad. Or to be more precise, stealing from you.


You can also learn about online advertising. And there are always new ad networks born.


To serve sales businesses.


Thus, if you want to succeed, be ready to accept change. Change a new shirt for your youtube channel. By testing and optimizing your Youtube channel.


Make it one of the effective channels to attract and keep customers.


Besides other advertising channels like Google search, display, shop, advertise your Facebook, Instagram.


If you need to outsource video marketing services on social networks like Youtube, IG. Then haucmc. Will help you optimize your Youtube channel, SEO video, Youtube advertising. Helps you increase subs, leads, and even sales for your online furniture store.


Since our establishment, 

we have always helped furniture companies sell through Youtube and websites. Although many solutions can provide, for now, I think it is better to do Youtube first. Then provide you with other marketing solutions like Content marketing, copy product 

Which your furniture business needs.


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I will help you improve your results.


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