This mindset will help you sell more products on your website and on social media

This mindset will help you sell more products on your website and social media

This mindset will help you sell more products on your website and social media
This mindset will help you sell more products on your website and social media

Have you ever been in a situation where no one likes posts, takes pictures with few viewers, and comments?

You also want your content to convert viewers into buyers.

If the answer is yes then here is the solution for you.

And any post with a lot of likes and comments, it is because of that post you drop the price by 70%.

On the occasion of Black Friday. Customers just ask the price for fun, but they also have no intention of buying. Even if you promise to give them more gifts.

Because they are using these types of content. The unconscious reaction of bargain hunters is to ask prices. Ask the product size.

But no one is willing to buy.

And so you misinterpret your customers.

You think that people who do so are not potential customers to you.

So how do get out of this scene?

If you are interested in the rich old stuff I’m talking about, read on. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

Why say old rich because you left out one important thing is content.

Content is still king as Bill Gates says.

It still accounts for 70-80% of the success of any of my advertising campaigns.

I know: this is your business, mine has nothing to do with it.

My posts and images are of the same quality.


Let me tell you a story.

Recently, my aunt asked me to repair computers,

Thinking this was easy, I nodded immediately.

But when it arrived, it turned out that the error was due to hardware, not software.

The CD drive was stuck.

I’m just pretty good at software.

As for the hardware, I’m completely blind.

Although I am very good in my aunt’s eyes. Because I don’t use computers to work every day.

But for myself sometimes I don’t know if I can fix it. When I don’t know it’s hardware or software fault.

I don’t know about simple plumbing fixes either.

At that time I did not have any tools. Even if I have a tool, I cannot fix it because it is more likely that.

The machine will break even more like the proverb: “A healthy pig becomes a lame pig”

So in the end, people can only succeed by doing the right thing within their circle of powers.

If anything cannot be done, you can ask or hire someone else.

Because of the fact in my life of designing, advertising, and content I have shown that. ; ” Time to overcome the consequences caused by self-employment but lack of capacity. Much longer than hiring.

Meanwhile, the tenants were able to do other things. Their wealth increased.

That said, but it’s not like I encourage outsourcing.

Because in the end you still understand your product the most.

If something goes wrong you are still the one to take the fight. They are not.

There are still hypocritical employees. They still boldly scam business owners every day.

Of course, that affects the business community a lot. Especially about their beliefs.

As a freelancer, as a service provider, I also feel a little embarrassed for my industry.

But I won’t talk much about them. That wants to bring you back to find the answer. To the question: How to hire effective content creators?

Yes, I would be more than happy to answer your question.

Simply put, hire with the mindset of a customer to buy.

Think of the products you receive:

photos, articles, videos, banners, and software like buying clothes and crafts.

That’s right, like custom-made, custom-made interior.

Be fastidious 3 -6 times daily.

This way you will have an extremely high-quality product.

What’s more, on platforms like Fiverr, someone is willing to edit your content over and over again.

That sounds cruel. But extremely good for both tenants and tenants.

Because of

The first: from the perspective of the tenant,

you will have an experience like that of customers. When they surf social networks or visit the website to read and view products.

You find this content is not good so you can change it right before spending money on advertising. Or spend time advertising.

This is not possible when you do it yourself.

When you do it yourself, you will fall into the trap of elongation.

You take a superficial photo and include a superficial description line.

But you hope to have many interactions, someone will ask for your buy.

Dream, it just happened in your dreams.

This dream is not realistic, so unless your product gets too hot, that happens.

Second: you spend money so you cannot run after quantity,

but will pursue quantity so that you can reach quality customers. Buy quality products at high prices.

Of course, if you have the time to spend the afternoon taking 100 shots of a product,

And then selectively select it then there is no problem.

But when you have a little money, but you want to be effective, you will have different thoughts.

You will no longer be like 80% of the people who own superficial content like before.

Like me when I hired designers, I had to change my mind from there.

Make lots of banners make beautiful and easy-to-understand banners.

That both save costs.

That helps me to pack my product better. From there on selling prices


Third: Through communication with your content creators.

Then you know what kind of quality, what kind is not.

You are involved in the content creation process.

Then you will be very excited, want to make it different, high quality.

So how superficial you are.

At the same time, you work more realistically.

Thanks to your own content template.

So you will make your content easier.

on the side of the employer like us

Skills will be enhanced, skills are also much enhanced than before.

Many people complain about customers asking for many things.

The difficulty, but they do not know why they are so.

Because they make the content very permissive as well. That’s why they were treated badly.

Of course, I do not deny that there are people who just want to get free content and resources from freelancers.

But those are few.

Most of them are friendly business owners who want long-term cooperation.

Many people practice continuously, they will become experts.

Level up to become a pro seller at a higher price.

Hire people with the mindset of a customer, an end-user, to buy a product.

That will help you take off the scene.

It also helped me and my cousin sell furniture very well.

That wholesale at high prices.

You want to know how to do it

Stay tuned for my next article on the topic: How to find content creators for your business.

Note: My content creator is not only about writing.

But also product photography, photo editing, video, video making, thumbnail design, ebook.

In short, these are the things that can bring you sales.


Thank you for reading this article about This mindset will help you sell more products on your website and social media.


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