My way of writing this product description on Youtube

This formula Youtube SEO of mine has helped this furniture sales effective.

This Youtube SEO of mine has helped this furniture sale effective.
If you want more orders for custom-made wooden furniture manufacturing business. Or for design interior business.
The story in the article below will be the answer for you.

This is how a furniture business in Vietnam does in the form of customer orders successfully.

We are a company that follows the D2C model. That means production and sale to the user. At the same time, we also take custom orders from customers from all over the country. Even abroad (before the pandemic broke out).
That’s why you can completely trust us in this way.

In 2016 the company that I am working for is Hai Nam Furniture spent more than 50,000 USD on Facebook ads. But since then, that amount has been steadily decreasing.

Because Facebook ads are getting more and more engaged. At the same time, the policy changes too much. So he wanted to switch to another platform in 2019.

That’s why he asked me to do YouTube marketing for his business.

And this is the result I helped create for his channel. See the picture below.

You can also apply the method that I share below. For any type of content, whether writing, video, podcasting.

As long as you fit that type of content. Don’t copy our success. Because if you ignore your strengths and follow others, sooner or later you will fail.

Are you ready to read the next lines? If so, please continue reading this guide of mine.

 1. Do you want to get the same results as me or better than me?

You want to sell on Youtube. For its furniture and other physical products.
Then SEO on Youtube is an effective way. And there is no need to spend money on advertising so you can sell by ranking your videos on Youtube.
When you do that, the ability to convert from viewers to subscribers and customers is very high.
Doing this for the past 3 years has helped my clients sell thousands of dollars worth of furniture. Through video alone and optimize video SEO for that channel.
More specifically, that’s how I do on-page SEO on a client’s Youtube channel. My own exclusive description formula has helped my customers to have more orders.
If you run an online furniture store. Are doing marketing but want to get more customer orders. Then follow my instructions in this article.
It will help you do this.
Recipes, video descriptions help me sell my customers more orders.
You know, with the furniture industry,
selling ready-made products or selling according to customer requirements. It is one of the biggest lucrative niches for studios, shops, and interior designers.
Because these are products made according to customers’ wishes. So you don’t have to handle objections like a normal sale. You also don’t encounter price objections like with sale orders.
The customer is the person involved in the product-making process. Thus they do not refuse. As well as knowing what they will get. So they are willing to pay upfront for the product they will receive. A reservation fee.
So this is predictable revenue. And may increase in the future.
Besides, I also know that customers in the furniture market often divide into 3 parts in a ratio of 4:4:2.
Sounds like a 4-4-2 football strategy. But that’s true.
That means up to 40% of customers will buy ready-made items out of their total spending budget.
And 40% buy products designed by experts and according to their ideas.
The remaining 20% ​​they spend on household appliances.
That’s why I’ve focused on helping my clients target the 40% of customers who love to buy this designer item.
Specifically in the description of the video as shown in the image below. Besides adding keywords in the title, description, and tags.
I wrote a structured description like this.
My way of writing this product description on Youtube
The first is a call to action
“– Uncle/brother/sister/customer/friend who wants to buy the product as shown in the video (insert video name here). Or order it for your living room/bedroom.
Please contact: .(address – contact phone number)”
For direct product consultation
For products that I want to sell online, I will replace them with the website link of that product.
Second: Below is a list of other videos like this one. Or playlists of our other products.
Then tell our viewers that we are also active on other social networks such as Facebook,
Instagram, Pinterest.
In Vietnam, I mainly use Facebook, so I put Fanpage in.
Third: Company introduction
The company’s commitment to quality
The fourth is calling for channel registration so that customers can receive more videos soon
The fifth is to add keywords to search for videos and channels in the description of the video.
My way of writing this product description on Youtube
Result of this way
Youtube channel: Hainan Furniture is the first channel I apply this method. And this is the result.
As you can see in the video upload table. There are many videos of return and delivery orders for customers. Uploaded here by the channel owner.
The reason for so many is also the request from the customer. Customers who have placed an order with us have asked us to take a video so they can take a closer look at their item. Because they are far away, they also have difficulty traveling. Thus, the channel owner recorded the video and uploaded it to Youtube.
Just like that, the video is optimized for the description I just described to you above.
Other users watch that video via SEO and recommend it. Again, this is a reputable furniture seller. There have been many buyers. So they ordered again from this store.
Just like that we always have a social proof video to post on our Youtube channel to show them. Our store is a great place to buy furniture for their newly built home.
So, the channel has a great reputation. Although we only post-sales videos. We do occasionally post videos that answer customer questions.
Now you know the result of this approach. Let’s see why it works in part 2 
Hey, this post.

2. Why does this product description formwork so well?

In my opinion, these are the factors that make this template work
One is customer focus. From the very beginning, I changed my address. I know well that my clients are middle-aged men. Likes to buy fine art wood products, made from natural wood. They like to talk intimately as friends. That’s why I call them Uncle. Besides, I did not say what size this product is, what are the specifications. But I just emphasize that: Do they want to order the product they are looking at?.
Inserting the video name in the middle creates a natural line of description. So I can insert keywords that match the title. Had the keyword in it.
Make both Youtube and users feel reasonable. Do not create a feeling of pressure for customers.
Next, I arouse the interest of those who are intending to make their own designs. Those are the people who already have their ideas. Or hired an interior designer for their home. But need to find the builder to turn the picturesque idea in their head into reality.
With a high-priced product, customers will watch many videos and read many articles before buying a buy decision. Now they just need a call to action.
That’s why I did. I never told them to call to make a sale. Although in the video I have the price of the product. Make it transparent to customers.
I told them to call for advice on their products. Thus, whether they intend to buy ready-made products or order products, they have nothing to lose. When placing a call with the seller. The same person speaking in the video. And the owner of this company.
Below I put both the company’s phone number and address. For easy customers to call and order. And the fastidious customers will come to buy goods.
Then I left the other videos below. To give customers more choices. Because I know that customers often want to see many products. So show them more of your products. So even if they don’t have our product A, they will buy our product B.
Finally, we are committed to the quality of our products.
By doing so I am bringing more value to the customer.
Second: I focus on social proof. If you notice, in the videos of customer orders. They all have the customer’s name and where they live.
It shows our customers that they are watching a video of a product by someone who has purchased it from the store. Not fake social proof.
And I have hundreds of such videos. But not just 1. Thus, the suspicion of fake evidence disappeared from the mind of the customer.
Because in the description below I wrote: receive orders at the request of customers. That’s why I have videos, have products to shoot for customers.
But writing down the name and address of the customer. This Will cause customers to watch the video in the same locality. See that the people in this province, this city, even this commune. But buying from this channel proves that this is a reputable seller. Even though the price is high. But it guarantees quality.
So they buy from us.
In fact, I met the channel boss while doing this. And have heard many calls from customers. Most of the customers showed interest and asked many questions to this seller. So he just answered the question. Don’t bother about convincing customers.
Thus, the closing order of millions of Vietnamese dong is equal to several thousand dollars.
Nothing is too difficult.
This is the proof for the saying: “Good marketing, sales will be leisure”.
Third: Making a consistent description like this makes it easier for customers to remember our brand. Channel videos are easier to get recommendations from YouTube. At the same time, this channel also received more subscribers.
When I was still managing this channel. They already have 100 subscribers per day.
Up from 4000 to 13k subs on Youtube today.
This is a great advantage over our competitors in the natural wood furniture industry.
That’s why when I do YouTube ads I don’t have to spend a lot of money on ads. With one product/campaign I spend less than $5/day. But still very effective. Still get lots of organic views when running ads.
When stopping ads, there are still views from recommendations and SEO on Youtube.
The number of people calling and accessing the website is still increasing every day.
Third: Of course to do this you also need quality video. The type of videos we use on this channel is product close-ups.
It also contributes to viewer retention. A.k.a. our video viewing duration is higher. Compared to the Youtube channel that doesn’t do this.
This is 1 of 5 types of videos that I wrote in 1 of these blog posts. You can see it here. Or maybe I will write more on this topic soon cough you.
So to do this you need to know when to use it.
More about it I will talk in part 3 of this article.


3. When should you use this product description template?

Even though it’s so effective. But this product description template is only used in the following 3 cases.
Sales videos. That is the product close-up video that I talked about above.
Customer Review Video: It’s a video that a customer shoots at their home. Or your employees take a video when they arrive at the customer’s home to deliver the goods. And then ask the customer to answer your interview questions about the product they bought.
Influencer videos:
That’s when you hire an influencer to make a video review and experience your product. Now you can also write a description like above.
In other cases, you should not use it.
But the description can change. Instead of ordering, you can call to action for your audience. Like, comment, or share your video.
The video title should also follow this pattern. To make the keyword appear naturally in the text. Make the reader focus on the description. And then act on your intentions.
That way there will be better interaction for the video. Get more SEO views and YouTube recommendations for your channel.
How to apply this description template to your Youtube SEO work.
In this article, I have detailed its pattern. You can copy and change according to your product name/product niche, market, and customer.
But first, you need to know who your customers are. What is their problem? Which product will help them solve that problem?
That would be better,
This video is most effective with 1-2 specific products. So the video needs to be longer. Even if it’s a graft, it needs to be at least 30 minutes to 3 minutes long.
Also, to make new videos according to this description. Then you also need to audit your Youtube channel, and then optimize SEO for your older videos. Follow this description.

Of course, to be successful, you need to do more than that. But here I want to give you a sustainable, simple, and easy way to do it.

More importantly, doing this for the long term means that you are building your brand better in the eyes of your users.

You can sell goods at a higher price. Customers return to buy more and are more willing to refer their relatives and friends to buy from you.

Those are benefits that cannot be measured with money.

But it also takes a long time.

If you want to go fast then you can do paid advertising. As I wrote the tutorial here. Still this company. But differently.

This is a difficult job. If not, it takes a long time.
It’s not for
small business owners,
professionals with endless “to-do” lists – most of which fill you up and do nothing to attract clients and customers.
Thus, the audit service, SEO optimization for the interior Youtube channel was born. It will help you to solve the above problem.
Not only that, but it is also for those who sell furniture and physical products. People are overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time. You want your business – especially online content – to be much simpler and more efficient. Are you tired of getting little or no ROI from your online marketing?
=> You’ve been through enough of the “feast or famine” where you’re always trying to get new customers and then. When you do, your pipeline gets drained because you’re busy serving those customers that you have brought. (Next Month’s Income = Goose eggs… Arghh!)
=> You’re ready to stop spinning your wheel and ẹnoy an easier,
hassle-free plan that supports your business based on clarity, customers, and consistency.
Why choose me to do a Youtube SEO optimization service for small businesses especially for your furniture store?
I have experience in both the furniture industry and Youtube video marketing:
from production, marketing, and home delivery. So, I understand your customer.
As for Youtube marketing.
I have 5 years of experience in advertising,
and SEO on Youtube with an exclusive description template to help you sell furniture effectively.
I know how to do SEO, Youtube ads to attract new customers. Great for complementing the sales funnel you’re making through Google search ads, GDN, and Facebook ads. Customers who go to your website and then go to YouTube will find you. Thus, the probability of buy will be higher.
I am trustworthy, approachable, trustworthy, and guaranteed to meet your deadlines
To see the details of the audit package and optimize the Youtube channel, please click here
Message me (on social media)
Or message me via messenger if you’re reading this on my blog.

In this article, I have helped you know how to write standard SEO descriptions but also get the support of customers. If your goal is to get more orders. Especially for interior design, this is the right choice for you. I also tell you why it works. And in what cases should it be used? As well as how to apply it.
If you want to know more, don’t forget to come back to this page to follow articles on the same topic about direct selling on Youtube and the website. Especially for the furniture industry.
Thank you for reading the article.

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