Top 4 plugin help me increase page loading speed up to 50 % for you

I have increased page loading speed by 50%. Reduce frustration for customers like?

– Welcome entrepreneurs, e-commerce store owners to use online store solutions using WordPress + woocommerce.

– If you are looking for a solution to speed up your page download to keep customers on your site. Then this is the article for you.

– Because I also encountered this situation when making websites for my customers.

Many times customers have asked me why the web is running so slowly that I cannot answer. Because I’m originally an amateur with a social work degree.

When a website loads slowly for 1 second, it loses 7% of potential customers resulting in a very low conversion rate of visitors to customers.


So I find ways to solve them with plugins to speed up the website.

And so find them on Google just like you.

The following is a journey to find the solutions that I have used to get the impressive results today. You can check this result page in the image box below.


  1. The first solution WP super cache

You may realize they are very popular and free. There are over 1 million downloads.


I also don’t know what is technically cache. Just remember that slow websites are caused by too many caches. So I understand cache is garbage at home during the living. And there is trash everywhere. Just by using the WordPress website, you have to do it yourself. And if you rent a store of Shopify or Bigcommerce, 3d cart, someone will clean up for you. Simply that.


The first day I started using WordPress I also used them.

But do you know anything, contrary to the usual compliments? I always have problems with them. The Wp super cache plugin is always having problems with my website. Although I didn’t install any strange plugins. It battles my website always with errors. Conflict with another plugin.

So I had to leave it.

After days of wandering online, I found out that. This plugin that installs with the BJ load cache plugin is a disaster.

It makes a website generate many errors.


It caused me to find a second solution.


  1. Second solution: WP total cache

What surprised me was that this solution came from a video that I happened to see on YouTube. Paul James’s channel is about making money online.

Of course, I watched many of his videos and learned about the WP total cache plugin.

After watching the video, I installed it. Admittedly it is more efficient than WP super cache despite being in the same house as Automatic.


It is easier to use. No conflicts with other plugins.

But that is not enough. It may not make the website load faster yet.


So I went to install the third plugin that is Autoptimize cache


  1. 3rd solution Autoptimize plugin

Before that, I used the Litespeed cache plugin.

This plugin works on hosting with the Litespeed cache feature. In other words, it enables this feature without using any code.

Speed ​​has improved a bit. But still not very effective.

Later, I found this video by Paul James and learned about the Autoptimize tool. . He introduced me to 3 plugin plugins. This is the second one about caches.

I must say that it is also effective after installation. Website also loads faster. But you do not have to interfere much with the system, It will do the task of clearing the cache for you.

This is also easy to use, you just need to set a few basic parameters and you’re done.


However. After using it for a while, I realized that this plugin does not delete the cache itself. But you have to delete it yourself otherwise the number of files is increasing. Your website is getting heavier and heavier.

Having a website for me to manage increased my muscle size on my hosting hard drive from 2gb to 14gb just because I didn’t delete them.

Which video does not mention the disadvantages of that plugin?

And so I wandered through the WordPress app store. To find the plugin Auto clear Autoptimize.

This plugin was born just to clear the cache for that Autopimize plugin.

Since setting auto-delete when I reach 128Mb, I no longer have to go to the control panel to manually delete it twice with the Autoptimize plugin.


The speed of the website is also much faster. There are websites reduced from 5s to 3s, then 2.6s.

Of course, to achieve that achievement, I have to use another tool that is an image compression plugin. Which will tell you in the next section below?


  1. The fourth solution uses image compression

You probably know that most websites today use large download images. Taken with a professional camera or huge camera of iPhone and expensive phones from Samsung, Sony.

Most of them are HD images with large capacity, making the website load slower.

And so you have to use tools to compress the image.

I did that with the third tool introduced in the video, which is WP

This free tool is also effective. You can compress multiple images to make the website load faster.

Compared to the beginning.


See the result The page loading speed increased, I’m glad. But still, nothing compared to manual exchange.

So I went to find articles about effective image compression plugins.

Most WordPress bloggers underestimate the free version of WP Smush. Someone even said their paid version was not very effective. I also tried to install it, so they agreed with their words.

So I was looking for a solution so my website could compress images best for mobile devices,


The answer is Shortpixel


  1. The fifth solution compresses images with Short pixel plugin

It is an image compression tool that reduces the capacity by 30% compared to the original image. But the quality does not change. This is because the company made this application. Used its own content network. With their separate CDN.

Therefore, image compression is more effective.

Of course, you also only have a free amount of 100 photos. Strangely enough, it was bought cheaply for only 5 USD for 10,000 compressed images. Calculating a cent will compress 2 photos there but very quality. Achieve a good display effect on mobile phones.

According to my tests, all the visitors to the website that I manage are using mobile phones to access them so they don’t have to be impatient to exit the site, so I use image compression plugins.

Since then their time on-site increased.


I then removed the WP smush plugin on all the sites I managed. Instead is the Short pixel plugin.

As a matter of fact, a short pixel is a quality image compression plugin that is commensurate with the price.

The plugin also works but at a more expensive price.


  1. Paid solution with WP rocket plugin

Do you see this Plugin being hailed as the # 1 in speeding up your website?

I don’t believe it either. Because of the tools I have installed above, my website also has a faster page load speed than before.

What do I have to pay to buy a paid plugin to do?

But after installing a lot of mail on the website for customers, I decided to buy a WP rocket plugin to use.

And I then compared it to other websites. Use the same interface, the same number of products. And shared hosting always.


The result shocked me.

This website: Only use WP rocket plugin but the page loading speed is very fast. After connecting with Shortpixel to compress images, the speed is even faster than website No. 2.

As for website number 2. Only the website speed is better than before.

But with the paid product is less.

It is true that all their money is different.

It must be much more.

Of course, for starters, you can use the free product: I recommend using Autopitmize cache + auto-clear Autoptimize.

Compress images, use WP smush. There is a little bit more improvement.


When you have traffic to your website and have 100 visitors per day, you should use the paid product.

I recommend you use a Short pixel + WP rocket.


Extremely fast speed always.


Well finally, for a fast loading website, it still needs the help of hosting.

Here I am using the Hawkhost server Hong Kong. For speed to Vietnam fast. Less affected by weather or broken cable at sea.

Read More:

What is the reason why I use Hawkhost’s hosting for 3 years from 2017 to now

Also, this is one of the first hosting companies in the world to implement the Litespeed cache tool that you read in the article.

See also: The reason I’ve been using hawk host for 3 years now.

And for the theme, I use Flatsome. The theme sells very well on ThemeForest. For your eCommerce website or business page.

This theme is also lighter but has a simple homepage creation feature with UX Builder.

See also my review: The reason why flatsome is the preferred theme for furniture stores for my customers.



To keep customers on the site for a long time is what you need to do. Because customers leave and you lose money for advertising and SEO already.

So you need to optimize the loading speed of your WordPress website.

In the above article, I have shared with you my experience of optimizing page load speed.

It involves using a combination of plugins so you can speed up your page loading.

You can use it for free if you don’t have money. And should pay for when you have a budget for this.

I hope this article has helped you.

Thank you for reading there.

See you in the next article on optimizing conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

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