Two Ads Facebook ads that convert for business

Two Ads Facebook ads that convert for business

Are you doing Facebook ads in 2021? It’s not easy.

Maybe you’re tracking one or more Facebook ads to test against your current ads?
Maybe you’re new to Facebook ads and want to dive in to increase engagement, leads, or sales?

Especially after Apple’s iOS update made it harder for you to make Facebook ads.
If you need to find a solution for this then you have come to the right place. We have a solution for you to solve this problem.
It’s copywriting that makes customers stop scrolling to see the first impression in front of them.
Many people think that Facebook ads will become harder to do after Apple’s iOS update. But I think :

This could be the biggest opportunity we’ve seen in decades….
But not for every business owner.
Because this opportunity is only for the ‘on’ and responsive operators.
And here’s why…
Companies that will thrive in the post-iOS world…
Will be the ones who focus the most on what matters…
Things that have weathered hundreds of storms…
Give the irresistible ‘Godfather Offer’.
Create compelling, click-worthy ads.
Offer high-converting sales copy.
And increase customer lifetime value.
In other words…
Companies that will dominate their markets…
And if you’re a business owner struggling to improve ad revenue.
You’ll be drooling like a Doberman staring at a porter restaurant steak right now…
As more and more businesses adapt to this new advertising environment…
And they realize that there are “good copies”…
Or the Godfather Offer is more than just a luxury…
But a necessity to keep their business alive…
Look, there will be more ad inventory in the Facebook news feed…
Fewer and fewer advertisers on Google…
More eyeballs to capture….
And more high-paying customers… than we’ve ever seen.
But if you’re not “all” about the fundamentals…
You will have a tough time.
And almost all of my 7, 8, and 9 figure smart clients are following suit.
They ALL “duplicate” their clones…
On basic principles.
And expand ad spend to gain even more market share.
And I want to let you participate in this opportunity…
Equipping you to your teeth with what’s working NOW.

So some of the things you need to include in your ad copy are.

• The type of image you’ll feature to get people’s attention
Watch a video on the 6 types of images that work for your Facebook ads. Which my teacher taught me below.

Write ad copy attached in the image as shown below. It will help increase your ad click rate.

Facebook ad with copy on image
Facebook ad with copy on the image (author: Copyhacker)

Write two ads for each customer behavior, also known as writing for the top of the funnel ( TOFU) and the bottom of the funnel ( BOFU).

Because you will not know if the customer needs a purchase or just at the stage of finding a solution. Thus, the length of the content needs to adjust accordingly. Customers will always read content to help them make decisions.

They need to know more they will read more. And vice versa they will read less if they need less information. Or they have already read your ad.
So keep that in mind the next time you write your ad.

• Decide which headline concept to use to get the best response
• And create an irresistible offer that will capture the attention of your most attractive prospects

That’s why small business owners have services and products:
– Furniture retail stores,
– Furniture Designer,
– Cosmetics store,
– Business Coach and Consultant,
– Pest control, plumber,
– Builders and other white-collar and commercial services love our pack of Facebook copywriters.

And This result

Make Your Books Sell Like Crazy with Facebook Ads - an Author's Guide

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