Website care package to sell your furniture business

Website care package to sell your furniture business

Website care package to sell your furniture business

This post has the following 4 sections

1) Everything the customer gets.

2) Why it will help them.

3) What I will be responsible for.

4) What the customer will be responsible for.

5) How much will the customer have to pay to get started now.



My first job when working in this digital marketing profession was designing a website.

During the past 5 years, I have created websites for different businesses selling furniture. In many different areas.

And one thing I noticed is the problem of bringing children to the market of these businesses.

Most business owners like Mr. T think that the website is made just to display products.

Therefore, it looks like an online store shelf. And sometimes it’s even worse. Because the user doesn’t know what to do with it. Therefore, they do not attract and retain customers.

Many people are eager to make an aesthetically pleasing website, with many great features. But do not rely on website operation, especially the content to sell. So even though I spent a lot of money.

But still no return of capital. This leads to only being interested in making the website at the cheapest price.

If there is a mistake, ignore it.

It was only when other online channels like Facebook suddenly died, that Youtube was highly competitive, and the E-commerce floor increased fees. He just realized that he needed a real sales website. That is to attract potential customers.
Even selling online with cheap furniture products.

The opportunity still exists because the interior has many arrays. Customers often search on search engines. And the ad import rate is also very good. Make the competition low so you can still sell at high prices.

On the other hand, customers from the website have 3 times higher quality than paid ads on social networks. Because they actively search, users rarely change their views and choices.


  1. Matters of your furniture business.

    However, in reality, customers like in the story of Mr. T mentioned above have many problems such as:

  • Making a website costs tens of millions but doesn’t bring any revenue?
    -Make a website for it to be spectacular, equal to friends, see neighbors doing that, I also do. But then gave up because I thought I was doing it to display the product. Not interested in selling on the website until online channels such as social networks or e-commerce floors: Shopee and Lazada increase their fees, making sellers cry.
    -There is no person to manage and take care of the website, so the website is not effective in terms of revenue for you.
    -There are staff but not specialized to maintain and fix website errors
    -Has the staff but no content marketing expertise. Especially for the furniture industry. So even though I did, it didn’t work
    -Thinking that only writing ads, and product pages on the site can sell goods
    -Think about it: If you don’t spend money on advertising, you can’t sell products on the website

But in fact, the main problem that you encounter on the website will lie in the following main ideas.

The website is aesthetically pleasing, the layout is pleasing to the eye. But it doesn’t work due to lack of content or poor content. Difficult or not convincing customers to stay long
Website lack and weak content also make the cost of advertising on Google, and Facebook higher.
Since then, the website has not been on the top of Google search
You have not optimized the conversion rate from visitors to buyers on your furniture site
The unattractive image makes customers stay for a long time. The video is not available yet
Thinking that only sales articles can issue orders. So do not focus on comprehensive website care, but only pay attention to product pages for sales.

Read here if you have noticed these weaknesses and want to overcome them to turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson. Then see more about my solution for your company, store, or furniture workshop.


2. Everything that customers will receive when using this interior website care package.

Website content is updated regularly, with the best quality information from a professional content team. Respond to readers’ requests and build customer trust.


The image must be both beautiful, well-structured, and optimized for size before posting on the website.
Turning a website into a real online store is just a shelf worse than a shelf in a supermarket.

Leaving the group 90% of websites fail to sell online because there is no effective manager.
Regularly reported to customers to understand the site’s status. For example, in terms of visits, most viewed article links, and products/services that are of great interest to customers.
Monitor the ranking of your furniture website on the Google search engine. From there, come up with a plan to improve website performance effectively. To bring orders and potential customers for your furniture business.
Drive customers to your store through a search on

Google map. You get even more calls on the site.
Deploying many service packages with a reasonable cost for each customer.
The consultation is completely free if you want to use the design, web, and sales services with Google ads of hauwebs to sell on Google. Our comprehensive online marketing strategies when you have a need.
Backup data, fix immediately when the website has problems, and ensure the website is not interrupted for too long. Business owners often do not notice this, so it is very easy to get it without knowing how to fix it.

3. Why it will help your furniture business sell.

Attractive content will help your website attract target customers who want to buy from you.
Get high rankings on search results.

Project SEO results

This is the result I did for a client. Not only sales articles, but new product pages also place orders.

When you make a good website, you are not only present on Google but also other social networking sites like Youtube, and Facebook.
Increasing organic traffic will help furniture businesses get more quality customers without paying for advertising. For example: If the website brings 1000-10,000 organic traffic. With the price for 1 click on Google in the cheapest furniture industry is also 2 – 15 USD, you have saved 2000-20.000 USD in advertising money.

But that’s just a rough estimate. Not to mention the number of clicks Google, Facebook is virtual. Because now the click-hackers it often destroys a lot. Therefore, advertising costs also increase without finding customers who want to buy. That is a pain for small furniture business owners, isn’t it?
Reduce the cost of advertising Google, and Facebook because the website meets the requirements well, creating trust with the two advertising companies above. This is something that few marketers and business owners pay attention to. But often pay attention to tricks, run rampant, and pay more debt. It is not sustainable. And can cause your ad account as well as assets (fan page, channel) to go away at any time.
There are more people to take care of the website without having to hire more people to waste the resources of the business.
Save time so you can focus on selling
When users search for a product or service keyword, if they don’t see your website appear like the last time they searched on Google, no one will contact you. Website maintenance services will help you maintain your SEO results.
Also attract new customers by adding new content, Or updating old articles.
Integrating videos on the website helps increase the time customers stay on the site

4. But when I will be responsible when you use my solution of taking care of your interior website.

Check and fix website errors technically and SEO
Update old articles and product pages on the furniture website
Post products on the furniture product page
Write articles in news, and blogs to attract and retain users. As well as attracting the attention of search engines,
Maximize conversion rate on-site
Analyze keywords and post articles containing that keyword to improve traffic to your interior website
Send monthly reports for customers to view and approve
The technical team will fix the overall on-page errors on the customer’s website

Analyze customers’ websites and conduct strategic, advertising, and content consulting to suit the field of your interior website. That is, see which articles will be able to advertise most effectively.
Build a backlink system like a Guest post to drive traffic to your website. That creates trust in the eyes of search engines like Google.

SEO-optimized article content

Image processing for content

Complete SEO standard content

Traffic keyword measurement report
Build a set of strategic keywords for your site

5. What the customer will be responsible for for the website care package

Provide documents, content, images, and videos for the site
Provide product information
Answer interview questions about the site
Answer interview questions about the business (needs the participation of the CEO, not just the head of sales or marketing department)
Review the original plan and send it back to the company for correction if necessary
Send customers to browse in batches and make corrections as required (if any).
Get reports and feedback to us so that we can best improve our service quality.
Pay in full and on time
Attend meetings when necessary. Because the website content will be based on your experience with the product as well as on the sale. Because I think the business owner is the person who understands his product/service the most.

6. How much will the client have to invest to get started now.

This is an investment to generate sales, leads, and brand recognition for your business. At the same time also make your digital assets sustainable.
Not just the cost.

Choose the right website care package for your furniture business.
If If you don’t know which package you should choose, contact me here