What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?

What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?

To be able to answer this question.

You need to understand the following two topics:

  1. What do your customers do on your website?

The conversion has a lot of results. No sales required to convert. Signing up for email lists,

commenting, texting, calling sales staff,

and viewing maps is also a useful conversion action.

If you only aim to sell, it will make your customer journey more difficult. Because of the number of people willing to buy. When looking at your website, seeing your ad is around the 30% threshold of any customer file. And not to mention you still have to compete with competitors in your industry. To answer for question What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?


  1. You need to know about how that interface affects the conversion rate on the website.

More specifically, these are the features you need to enhance the user experience. As well as good navigation, convenient for users to search, the layout of the user’s eyes. There is no excessive creativity. Such as leaving the cart located on the top right according to the customer’s memory to the left.

Since then customers will stay on the website longer. Lead to the action they will take on your website. Like like, comment, share, subscribe to your email list. And the highest is buying right on your website.


The combination of these two factors creates a high conversion rate.

And the theme acts as a store face. And the frame that you need to make when setting up, decorating the store.

Changing the theme can lead to an increase in the number of visitors, reducing the bounce rate on the page. Also help you to top Google more effectively.

According to one blogger I know said:

When he changed his look, traffic increased by 30% compared to the previous month.

It needs a combination of these two factors to produce high conversion rates.

Identify who your customers are. And what do they want from your website?


Identifying the right customer portrait and their problem will tell you. What content you need to do to fit the status quo.

Thus, the content needs to create first then we design such a layout

Like when you design a product. You need to make the product first to design the package so that it fits the product beautifully.

Not doing what you find beautiful and useful.

Customers will not care. They care about themselves as the main.



Here are some evaluation criteria for your theme. Based on what I have stated above. To answer question What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?


  1. The theme must have good product search support function
  2. Standard SEO design theme
  3. The theme focused on small banners. It will help you drive customers to focus on the product.
  4. The theme displays the product effectively


And if you look for themes with the main purpose of sales. Here are the top 10 themes that will help you make an e-commerce website.




Mandala – Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme

Mandala - Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme
Mandala – Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme


Mandala has 6 completely different display styles from head to toe (from header to footer), and comes with some famously paid plugins that will help you get an extremely stylish fashion sales page with display style. The market is unique though this is a poorly colored theme with only two main colors, it’s a ph The way of this theme.

Not only displaying beautiful products and blogs, but Mandala also features an equally professional portfolio display.


-> Watch Demo<- -> Check Pricing<-


WooMarket – Supermarket WordPress WooCommerce Theme

What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?
WooMarket – Supermarket WordPress WooCommerce Theme


“Supermarket” sales themes are usually designed for displaying a wide variety of products in the store, this Woomarket theme is one of them. At a glance, this theme tends to display content like popular e-commerce sites today, and the functions are similar.

This theme supports up to 7 different display styles (like their demo) and maybe more because you have the freedom to customize the display of products outside the website homepage. The bundled paid plugins will also be very helpful for you to customize this theme.


-> Live Demo<- -> Check Pricing<-




Jewellery – WooCommerce Responsive Theme

What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?
theme woocommerce for store Jewellery

As true to its name – Jewelry, this is a simple Woocommerce theme with a luxurious interface suitable for jewelry introduction/business websites.

-> watch Live Demo <- -> Check Pricing <-
Home Shop – Premium WooCommerce Theme
What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?
Home Shop – Premium WooCommerce Theme

An electronics/technology sales website would be quite suitable for a flat interface with Metro style like Home Shop. This theme has a lot of options for you to customize, comes with over 8 different paid plugins to power it up, and a cool popup display feature.


-> Watch live demo <- -> Check Pricing <-
Aurum – Minimalist Shopping Theme


What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?
Arum theme WordPress for woocommerce

As a new theme, Aurum is currently sold nearly 900 times in just a few months after launch. And now 6,470 sales. What is even more strange is that this theme has a very simple design. So what makes Aurum successful? That is the download speed of this theme is very fast because the website capacity after being accessed is quite light and does not bring many shiny functions.

Next is the full WPML plugin integration to create a multi-language sales page, and support for RTL (Right to Left) languages. Not only that, but Aurum can also make many different types of sales websites, but each category has a unique function such as fashion, books, florist, technology,…


-> Watch a website use arum <-
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Nielsen – The ultimate e-commerce theme
What are the best WordPress-focused conversion themes?
The ultimate e-commerce theme


At the end of the list, I would like to give the latest YiThemes theme which is very famous for heavy, complex but equally attractive and powerful e-commerce themes. Nielsen has 12 different types of display built-in that you can use with just a few simple change options, each displaying a different type of sales website. This theme package also includes PSD files of the design so you can edit it if you can design it, or use it for another e-commerce project without any more cost. both.

Besides, it has useful features such as Mobile friendly and retina-ready design

A user-friendly interface for quick and easy use.

-> Watch a website using Nielsen<- -> Check Pricing<-


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