What is the best online market for home furniture?

What is the best online market for home furniture?


– In my view, the best market for home furniture at the moment is


Market Place of Facebook. Because of the following 3 reasons


  1. First is that Facebook is still giving use of this exchange for free.


Facebook is prioritizing promoting it in combination with Facebook Shop.

To compete with Amazon and Google Shopping. So it will show you your post for free. When a user visits this page to shop. They will also see your post next time.


2. The second is the huge customer.

Because Facebook is now extending this feature to consumers around the globe. So you will reach 800 million customers willing to buy from you.


So you won’t need to educate your customers about what you sell. That you can focus on selling.


3. The third is a simple way to do it.

The only job you need to do is do copywriting to convince clients. It’s not just about the description, it’s about the image.


– Then you need to learn more about SEO on Facebook that you can increase orders quickly.


In short, this is how to do it on a famous classifieds site like Craiglist. But will make it a lot simpler.


This will suit anyone who sells used, used, and hand-made furniture.


Free again. You also know that advertising is getting more and more expensive. Especially this year, advertising on Facebook is increasingly expensive. It’s cheap until the end of the new year.


For a beginner with little capital. I recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.


Especially when the sellers on the Market place are few. Most individuals are selling their stuff only.


No big business has jumped in yet. So this is still the blue ocean for you.


Also, the Facebook marketplace also has these features attractive to you.


Increasing brand awareness thanks to high natural views.


Feature “proposal”. If enough “lucky” to be on the list of products “proposed”.

The explosion of thousands of applications with marketing costs 0d completely can happen.


Marketplace participants must verify their identity >>> can remove most clones, virtual accounts.


Possessing a “chasing” mechanism like the previous platforms, in an understandable way. When you interested in and refer to a product.

The advertisement for the same product will show you many more times. When you use Facebook the next time you use it.


But, it must also mention the big downside of Marketplace like this. Compared to Marketplace like Amazon Handle, Esty is:


-Each post you will limit display for each district, district, town, town, or small city only.


Thus you will have to continually repost that post to different locations.


So if you don’t have random position posting software, you will lose time.


To mark post position. Avoid one place where two posts are about 1 product.


– This followed by sales on this form mainly via messenger messages. So you need to arrange a fan page or Facebook profile. To answer a buyer’s question immediately.


This is also quite time-consuming. If only using human strength. It is difficult to scale up.


So you need to optimize it with a chatbot on your fan page or Facebook profile. Let it help you answer simple questions. User repeatability eg: what size is this product? So, you can focus on doing other things. Answer other questions that the bot cannot answer.


I have also been selling goods on this one.


This is the best option I find the right one for you at the moment.


Once you have revenue from this channel, you can expand it.


Other channels like


Run Google shopping ads, Google search. For customers searching on Google. Because home furniture is a high-priced product. So customers will search on Google search engines a lot.


These are also customers who will buy right in the first search. If the product is on your website. By their needs.


If they don’t buy it right away, you can be remarketing with Google’s GDN advertising network. Reach up to 95% of users on the internet.


Or remarketing on Facebook, Instagram.


That way you can sell more effectively.


So, in this post, I told you about the best online home market for selling home furniture.


It was the first to sell on Facebook’s Market place to generate revenue.


Then there are After that, you can expand with Google shopping,

Google search ads remarketing through Google GDN.


This is how I work for my home furniture business customers.

You can read more about I increase sale and leads for furniture store below

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How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and PPC ads?



You can check out his case study here.

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