What is the best way to sell used furniture on the web?

What is the best way to sell used furniture on the web?

What is the best way to sell used furniture on the web?

The best way to sell used furniture on the web is through Google advertising and SEO.

Because of the following 3 reasons:

– Customers mainly go to search engines like Google, Bing to search for products. These are customers already in need. You do not have to introduce your product or store anymore. From there you can have revenue and cash flow right from the start. And invest in the next product.

– Customers are also people who want to find out information about that product. Avoid bought counterfeit, poor-quality, old-fashioned goods. Thus, selling through SEO and advertising is the most suitable choice.

According to statistics,

leads from customers’ searches are

higher and higher quality than advertising via social networks.

– You can do remarketing by advertising to attract customers. When they are reading newspapers, watching movies, music. This will help with better money than display ads.

The old furniture is difficult to sell through social media boards. Because they have a quantity limit. Not available as new stock. So selling through it does not get the attention of the customer. Because they are still hesitating. By the time they decide to buy, the goods are out of stock.

But customer research is the simplest and most effective way through keyword research.

Here I will show you how to sell used furniture on the website.

Step 1: Keyword research

Step 2: Select the product line

Step 3: Make the product page

Step 4: Bring traffic to your online store

Step 1: Understand customers

In fact, every industry requires an understanding of customers.

If you do not understand the customer, it will be difficult to sell to them. Or maybe just sell cheap products. Or not sell any products.

The only thing with the furniture industry requires you :

to understand your customers better. That seems difficult for business owners. When they are mainly responsible for the sale or manufacture of the product.

But fortunately, now is the era of technology and connectivity.

You can understand the simplest of customers is keyword research on search engines.

It’s good that customers search for used furniture. Mainly search on Google and Bing. Because they have time and are also knowledgeable about furniture.

So the first place you can see them is on Google. The tool processes 3.5 billion searches per day.

I will guide you in detail. Because I’ve been doing Google,

SEO, and content advertising for the interior business for 3 years now.

      1. Do keyword research

on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube. I’m a Google advertiser so I mostly do keyword research on Google.

You can use tools such as:

Google keyword planner (need to spend about 10 USD,

for data to display more accurately,

Mangotools or even Kwfinder, and then Ahref, Semrush.

Personally, I find it easier to use Kwfinder. Suitable for beginners. When you’re just keyword research.

And Semrush, Ahref has many real functions. But I found it not suitable for beginners.

Be more specific about keywords. You should see something like this in the image below. Users will search for many different keywords.

But there are only 3 types of keywords that bring sales and lead growth as well as the brand for you:

    1. Keywords of transactions: product information, product categories such as living room furniture. 6 chairs dining table for small dining room. Etc. These are the keywords that help you bring in revenue for your business.

     2. Keyword information users need:

to learn more about the product before making a decision. Because furniture is a commodity for a high value. Using time is long, so users need to understand carefully to avoid scams. For example, what is walnut wood furniture? Should buy walnut wood furniture.

      3. Brand keywords

that are brands of big companies like:

Ikea, Ashley, or regional brand keywords such as Furniture in Charlotte, North Carolina. Etc …

Of course, everyone wants to focus on selling to customers by typing product names. But such keywords. Then there are also many of your competitors looking for so. The bid will be very high.

So, it’s better to expand your product category and brand keywords.

Gradually, customers will see you appear more on search results on page 1. So they will decide to buy from you.

With the used furniture industry. Then the customer tends to search at local stores. So you should focus on local keywords like:

Furniture shop near me, furniture store + city, town name.

This is also a good choice to do SEO in the future.

      Step 2: Understand product

You need to determine that you will be selling this product

Wherever you sell second-hand furniture, you need to determine what product you sell.

Expensive or little money.

Understanding your product will help you make your next step content more efficient.

At the same time, it helps you build a reputation in the eyes of customers more.

Because most of the customers look for old furniture. There is a fear of being tricked into buying bad-quality goods. So knowing your old product will help you position an expert in the eyes of your potential customers.

You don’t have to be a catering expert for all your clients.

You need to be an expert in the eyes of those who trust you.

      Step 3: Create content and design to help you sell

This step will help you bring in revenue.

But 99% of shop owners selling second-hand furniture. Do not understand and do not know how to create an effective sales copy.

Because they do not understand that customers buy mainly through the content.

They present on their website, not because of the beautiful design. Or cheap.

Correct product pricing is crucial in the selling process. But it’s not all you need to make a sale.

Thus, every product discount will decrease the value of the brand and the product. Make customers think. Cheap goods are poor quality goods. Or you are just defrauding them by increasing the price and then decreasing the price.

In my opinion, instead of thinking of discounting, you create quality content. To increase user experience on the website. From there, indirectly help customers make your buying decisions.

It’s like advertising on paper. Every word redundant costs you money.

When a customer enters your site without a conversion such as:

buying, filling out a form, or texting the salesperson, you’re wasting money.

So you need to write effective advertising.

Because you are selling through search ads so are your product pages. It needs to be seamlessly linked to what you’ve written in your Google ads.

Do not write one-sided advertisements to get clicks from customers. Then write another product page. Getting customers to leave.

Instead, treat your product page as a dedicated salesperson. Equal to 1000 other salespeople selling to your day and night.

Specifically with 4 things to do.

      1. Create content marketing

With old furniture products.

You will have a chance to tell a story that goes into the customer’s mind more.

Used furniture has more information than a new one.

– Used Time

– Condition of products

– Has it been fixed yet

– Product price

With used furniture products. You can tell a story related to it.

A story will incorporate everything that you need to convey to your customers. Such as; Time to use the product, product condition. Then the previous user process if any. The process you fix, clean it up with your enthusiasm.

Attaching stories to products will make selling easier.

Helps you cross-sell on free platforms like the Facebook marketplace. Amazon handles, Esty.

writing descriptions of furniture products is very simple

Mostly follow the formula:

You look at the photo or product in the store.

Product name + color, material size + Use for any room.

In which the product name in the title determines whether you get more clicks or not.

Of course, it must contain keywords.

Color: Tell what color this color is. Which color matches in the room.

Size: clearly show how long and wide it is. It Will suit what size the room is.

Most customers will question their size part the most. Do you need to understand that they will look at the photo and then see if their room fits your product?

So, you need to describe in detail as well as be prepared to answer customer questions for you.

Material: You can fully describe the material. If the product uses only 1 material, please describe its consistency. Also if made from many different materials.

It is necessary to describe the harmonious combination. Between materials while still being sure.

Because customers often worry that:

Products combining two materials such as:

wood and iron are often uncertain, causing damage during use.

Solving this problem, they will assure you of your buy.

Those are the basics to know. Besides, you need to further describe its functionality. For a smart interior, there are a few more benefits you need to describe.

Bottom line: you need to describe your product like a product expert. If not then the guest Assumes that you are just like any other salesperson. And they will demand to meet with the sales staff. If not, they will leave. Those are easy-going customers. And fastidious customers will quit immediately.

        2. Product page photos and videos

The photo should be beautiful that clearly portrays. The color’s appearance and features of the product. Professional shots that are full of light are required at different angles.

Realistic photos, photos taken at customers’ homes, and infographics. To provide complete information to your customers.

Product videos will reduce your bounce rate by 25%. At the same time, make customers stay on the site longer. Selling more efficiently.

Most of the customers buy goods via Hai Nam furniture’s website pictures and videos.

You can see the photo below. Through the recorder on the website. I noticed that: up to 90% of customers surf the website to view photos and videos.

So, if you do not know how to take good pictures is a disadvantage for you.

Please learn how to take product photos.

You also shouldn’t hire a photo ad agency for you. Unless they have a photographer in that company. Because they don’t know how to take pictures and don’t understand products like you.

Create trust for customers

Need to create trust for customers. Because of:

One is that customers just want to buy from sellers they trust, have known before. According to statistics,

1 consumer will read an average of 10-20 reviews before buying goods and services.

Everyone likes to buy, not to sold to. Hence, they need to have faith that their choice is correct. That is, they voluntarily make decisions, not forced.

What’s more, extremely few people want to make lab rats for unknown vendors. And 1 product is too new.

Of the ways to create trust then.

The two most effective ways of creating trust social proof and trustworthy evidence.

Social status, including reviews from customers via text, images, and video.

Show the number of people who have purchased this product, have added it to a cart.

You just go to amazon to know how they use social proof extremely effectively. Which are photos, posts, and videos.

Reliable evidence is the certification documents of the authorities. As certificates of origin. Green production certificate. Or awards from organizations in the industry.

There are also: payment policies, return policies, product warranties. Or refund to reverse customers’ risks. From there they will assume that they gain more than they lose. Make it easier for them to buy.

Social proof also helps you know which products your customers are interested in. This gives you more data to decide whether to promote the marketing of the product more effectively.

Combined with content marketing. You will increase the conversion rate to the highest.

In the furniture industry, there is credible evidence of provenance and sustainable production.

Social proof is customer judgment.

You can get reviews from:

– Friend

– Your advisor

– Relatives

– Colleague

– Customers near the locality you live in

These are people who already know you. Get along with you long enough to give you a specific and goal assessment.

But you should also install social proof tools to increase sales efficiency.

When someone makes a bought it will automatically display a notification that:

” John bought the xxx product 15 minutes ago.”

What is the best way to sell used furniture on the web?

Doing so will make customers trust more than just them on your sales page.

      4. Design a product page website or product photo

Do you know how Air B & B has grown rapidly from a small start-up to a unicorn company? A giant multibillion-dollar company in the hospitality industry that doesn’t own any hotels.

The key tip in the early days was shared by the founders. That is, they focus on product design. The specific point is website design.

When customers access it, they immediately know how the website works. Where can they find the information they need.

When they find that customers enter just to find information about the hotel they need. And they leave the website when they don’t find the right information. Not just beautiful design.

At the same time, the design also helps the company to attract the trust of homeowners.

That is why you should make a website design,

product pages suitable for customers’ buying purposes.

A good design shows the customer how well the product fits the customer. Let them believe they are taking the time to visit your website.

Don’t be afraid to spend your time or your money hiring a landing page designer or product page designer.

     Step 4: Bring traffic to your store or online store.

After setting up a store or online store. Just like making a product page, the next thing you need to do is bring traffic to your sales page.

Because traffic = money.

There are many ways to bring traffic to your online furniture store. But in short, there are 2 main types of traffic paid and free traffic.

– Paid traffic will bring in revenue quickly. But the price will increase. Like about Google search advertising. When many people are bidding to push the price of 1 click up. It will erode your profits in the long run.

So, my direction for you that is: You do Google ads first. Then do SEO to attract more customers to visit your website.

SEO will help you get to the top faster and more effectively when you combine it with Google ads.

– Free traffic will take time like SEO, content marketing, social networks. But in return, you will have many high-quality customers. Conversion rates will be higher.

In return, you only take the initial time to do it. But then you will have a gradual passive income.

About Free traffic for the furniture industry. Then one of the places that can bring you effective traffic up to now.

That is the marketplace of Facebook. With over 800 million users ready to buy from you globally.

. A marketplace is a place where sellers post items for an ad without losing any money. Selling an item becomes simpler,

buyers and sellers contact and negotiate with each other about payment, delivery, bargaining, etc.

Marketplace will not be different from the Facebook group channel.

There are many reasons for you to choose to sell on Marketplace:

– The shop owner only has one personal Facebook channel account

– The shop owner does not need to create a fan page, does not need to create a group, and invites participants.

– No transaction fees like e-commerce floors

– Less competition compared to groups and Facebook channel Newsfeed.

– simple, simple post.

– Buyers are actively looking for you thanks to the item’s name, type, or location.

– You can direct visitors to your website via Facebook’s marketplace orders.

So, the marketplace is the selling trend that is being loved by many people, not only for easy operation. But also a potential market for anyone who wants to do business online.

I also really want to guide you to sell right here. But doing so will make the post too long.

You can join an e-commerce sales guide with free traffic from Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton here.

They are professional marketers with 16 years of experience. Will help sales without spending costs for Facebook ads, Shopify.

If you want to learn more about the furniture sales case study, you can see more on my blog.

Thank you for reading my answer.

For companies that want to sell to customers who want to buy. Or have visited the website but have not purchased your product.
with Google display advertising service for furniture store

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