What is the reason why I use hawkhost’s hosting for 4 years from 2016 to now ?

What is the reason why I use Hawkhost’s hosting for three years from 2017 to now?


Welcome business owners and new website builders. You have a headache about finding suitable hosting for your online business. It is just as hard as you are in space for your store in real life. There are beautiful premises. There are also wrong premises. It’s the same with online.

I am sure that you also searched for keywords best hosting for business or best hosting in 2020.

Take a look at posts from a longtime Hawkhost user like me.

Should you use Hawkhost? This article will you answer

Of course, I cannot show you any good hosting. But I will share with you the reason to choose hawk host to make a website for furniture stores. Of the way, my customers.

Because my job was designing websites.

Now, why do I stick with this company for the following reasons?

– Hosting with an address near Hanoi Vietnam

– Hawkhost was cheap for my situation at the time

– Support Litespeed cache in the first days

– Active technical support and sale

– Install SLL for free

– So what’s the downside



Now, please let me hear about these reasons.

  1. Hosting with the server closest to Vietnam

The place I live in is in Hanoi Vietnam.

Here we often encounter cable cuts. Make the internet speed down.

So if you use a server hosting in Europe, America. Then the speed will become a turtle. Using a server in Singapore is much better.

Alternatively, you can use a server in Japan. For very fast connection speed. Virtually unaffected by fibre optic cable breaks.

But it comes with a costly price . And there are few server providers here. If so, is a VPS provider like Vultrul.


At that time, the website hosting cost already includes hosting. So, I need to find a place that is close to Vietnam. Again not affected by the event of optical cable break. It is Hawkhost, one of the companies that have servers in Hong Kong.

Very close to Vietnam.

Without being affected by the optical fibre break.


Indeed it was my wise choice. From the date of using Hawkhost to now, my download time has always reached 99.99%.

Few slow consciousnesses.



Although I use shared hosting, the results are rapid.


If you need to use hosting, it is best to choose to host in the country. If you want to serve an international audience on other continents, you can select vendors such as Shopify shop, Bigcommerce because they will do this for you. Without having to worry about what happened to your website.


Because my customers are in the country, my hosting in Hong Kong China is still effective in terms of speed and price.

  1. Hosting had a price advantage over my situation at the time.

You will ask why I did not buy in Vietnam.

Of course, there were already hosting providers in Vietnam at that time. But I did not choose them. Because there are very few healthy vendors. Most of them at that time were doing snatch. Not as professional as foreign companies.

Their support is also excellent even though they are Vietnamese together.

And I’m not the only one complaining because of this case.

Some companies even delete a customer’s website without any compensation or notice.

Of course, I’m scared too.

But the most important thing for me is that the price Hawkhost offers are more beneficial to me than Vietnamese companies.

Later I still buy hosting in Vietnam to make for customers.

Now back to Hawkhost, I bought their cheapest package. Without any discount. There is no promotion. Of course, compared to the box in Vietnam, it is more affordable.

But with this package only 1 million that has nearly 10gb of capacity so I can. Put many websites in and sell to customers with lower prices.

At that time, I only made a website with all kinds of defects from domain names, hosting, work, only 800k. Equivalent to 40 USD.

They have Primary shared hosting package for only 4.95 USD / month If paying each month. If paying for 12 months, the price is 48 USD / year. I then use a 25% lifetime discount code. So only have to pay 35.91 USD.


As for hosting in Vietnam, it does not have any.


Yes, I upgraded later so that the premium package does not limit the size and bandwidth. To be able to use the host more comfortably.

No need to delete anything.


  1. Support lite speed cache in the first days of launch

Maybe you don’t know about caching me either.

I was originally an outsider from the social science division.

So I just understood that the cache in the server is the same as the junk in the store. In your house. Every day you open a business store to welcome customers, they will leave rubbish and trash.


Of course, the website is the same. Whether or not there are customers in your online store, there are still trash and bu

So you need to take out the trash every day.


But the most effective way is to enable the litespeed feature on your hosting. Help you to optimize and still achieve maximum efficiency. With this technology, your website loads 7 times faster than the old one, apache.


And Hawkhost is one of the first companies to offer speed hosting in all hosting packages.


Therefore, my website is also optimized for speed more effectively.


It is as simple as enabling the Litespeed cache plugin. And follow the instructions here.


So far most hosting providers have put Litespeed cache on their servers.

You can buy it anywhere and I will use it here.

Their speed is still very badass.

  1. Set up free SSL for your host

This benefit, of course, Hawkhost is also the first company to deploy always.

When Google announced that websites without SSL certificates would be relegated on search sites. And then a security warning on Chrome browser, the company has launched a free SSL integration program from Let’s Encrypt.

This SSL certificate is free for 90 days. And can be automatically renewed.

Of course, compared to paid SSL with a green icon on the search bar of chrome or Firefox, it’s better. Because creating a sense of security for customers.

But for newbies, the free certification shows that the company is always interested in customers. After all, you will save 30-60 dollars/year. Why not use it.

It if your website does not have integrated online sales. But just to gather information or sell it via texting like in Vietnam.

It is not necessary to have a paid SSL certificate. And conversely, equipping your website is essential.

  1. Effective technical support and after-sales

Buying and using foreign hosting has a disadvantage that you need to use English to exchange with them. I thought so from the beginning.

But that didn’t happen because I had Google translate.

And then I realized that I didn’t need to write complicated sentences. Just write simple words that the technical team understands.

They even give non-native English speakers sample answers.

Their technical support via email was initially slow. Now it’s faster.

If you want to be faster, you can send tickets with priority: high for them.

To be solved easier.


Technically speaking, I appreciate Hawkhost’s technical support.

Although their hosting is not at the top of the lot, it is suitable for WordPress.


About sales support. When I buy this hosting package, I have no support or promotional coupon. So at the time of the extension, I sent an email informing me of my financial difficulties.

Although I did not explain much, the salesperson took the initiative to offer me a 25% lifetime discount.


Although I know that if I cancel the contract of transferring the website to my friend’s host and then wait until the promotion to buy the 75% discount package, it will be more beneficial.

But I don’t want to be the trigger. It gives me a headache because I have to change websites constantly. but the benefits are not much.

So I thank the hawk host support team.


Later, my brother-in-law asked me to switch to a stable host, but I still did not move.

Because at the moment, I’m still satisfied with the company’s service.


  1. So is there a downside?

From the beginning of this article, you have heard me praising Hawkhost quite a lot already. Perhaps it has no disadvantages, only advantages.


Still have. But I don’t think it matters.

One is having a conflict with the free itheme Security plugin.

After I installed this plugin on my website, I encountered a situation where I could not log in to my website. I tried everything from changing passwords and passwords to coming up with Google to find answers until I emailed Hawhost to reflect on the situation.

And get the answer this situation is caused by conflicts of itheme security plugin. And told me to take it off.

So I removed it from all the websites I was managing.


I don’t know if this situation is fixed. Since then, I have not installed the itheme Security plugin ever again.

Maybe next time I will buy the pro version to use.


The second is the number of inodes: representing the number of files in the shared hosting package is only 500,000. And this number in my experience can only allocate to 5 websites in your bag is best.

(You can understand that each inode is like a key to insert into the core (the file you create by posting photos, writing articles)


But the more websites there are, the more articles and articles posted, it exceeds the amount of inode the host has.

Leads to hosting overload.


Now you should use a VPS or buy another hosting package as a reasonable solution.

However, I think that most businesses only need one website. Unless you do SEO by doing many satellite sites to increase traffic for the main website. Or you are a big business with many shops; you need to upgrade to another hosting package.

Otherwise, you can use hosting with the current amount is enough.


Conclusion :

Each person has m A different option. But I think this is my personal opinion. In this article, I have shared with you the reason why I still use hawk host to this point.

Hopefully, it will help you when choosing to host your online store or business.

Thank you for following my posts.

I do not specialize in hosting. But only focus on sharing the optimal conversion rate and advertising on the website. So see you in the next posts on this topic.



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