Why is your competitor selling more than you?

Why is your competitor selling more than you?

And your store has been flat for a month now?

It is not like this. Once, a brother near my house asked me like this. About advertising on Facebook.

Why do two people advertise together for a while? Same budget, same content, same target.

Yet one person can sell and the other cannot.

That question made me think for a long time without finding an answer so I clicked my tongue to ignore it.

But today I have found 3 reasons why you are not selling like your competitors. As mentioned below.


  1. Are your content and their content really the same?

If you really copy and paste each other’s content, it’s really worth mentioning.

But in reality, it happens very rarely. Because 100% duplication will cause the Facebook ad manager to report,

the duplicate content error. By the message: “Don’t copy existing engagement.”


So specializing in the same content is just a lie.

There is still more room for them than you.

At least the promotional period they do is earlier than you.


Read on and review the following 3 ingredients to see if you do better than them.


Something is a title or a hook. Get users to stop watching your ad. Is it aimed properly at customer insight or not.

Usually, people don’t notice at all. The title is write normally.

While a great copywriter or a professional salesperson spends,

30 minutes writing a headline. Picking up a list of good titles to use is not necessarily good.

This is something I learned from an older sister who is an excellent home seller in Vietnam. She is the person who set a record of selling 19 homes/month when she started the job. While her colleagues sat around for a month.

– Does your content or story appeal to readers from beginning to end?

– To do this, regardless of the long or short content you can sell to them. With low-priced products this is difficult. Because you can’t think of anything anymore.

– But with a high-priced product, you have more land to make.

– Still, I still see many companies that write superficial high-priced products.

And finally the offer: Whether you already have an offer that the client cannot decline or not. Discount is only one of the offers, but not the best offer yet. That is the product. A good product will decide 50-80% of the success of any marketing campaign.

To understand this in the simplest way it is. Watch the godfather movie. With a famous saying to your adopted son: “Peace of mind, son. Dad will give him an offer that he can’t refuse ”.



Then you should reconsider. See if you have made the advertising content so effective that you want to buy this item yourself? Then turn to blame advertisers.

  1. Where is the user’s buy status


I have read the book ‘Purchasing Status’ by Joe Vitale. And apply the following to analyze in the online environment.

This means that the user is ready to buy from you.

In today’s market. It can be difficult to identify customers who make an immediate sale when they see your ad.

With search advertising on Google, Bing, this is better. But the advertising price is soaring. And only 30% of them are ready to buy immediately.

There are many reasons. They have not had money yet, and an urgent need has not arisen. Have not yet reached an agreement with the family, husband, or boss, etc.

The same is true on social networks. A customer ignoring your ad means hundreds of other competitors,

will sell them the same product.

Meanwhile, customer journeys change more and more when users use many devices to surf the web such as :

phones, tablets, and televisions.


Thus, your ad needs to show continuously. For example, the rule of one person viewing your ad 7 times. Then it becomes the top of mind in the minds of customers.


Then they buy when they have money, have urgent needs, have the right to decide (for B2B products).

That is why Facebook advertising experts still advertise:

to customers with a frequency of up to 24.2 like Alex Fedotov.

Because he knows that these customers will buy from him. They have come to the state that Joe Vitale describes in his book: ” Sale status ‘’

So your mission is: Do not impatient want to sell immediately to everyone you reach in 1 day. Write empathetic and problem-solving content for them.

Then you will gradually build trust in them.

Make them buy from you in the future. When they have enough money and demand for your product.

This is especially useful for industry groups. That needs a lot of information for customers to make a decision. High-priced products, buy 1-2 times in a lifetime. Or there is an administrative element. Examples are Insurance, real estate, car, finance, private, health, higher education, Law and legal, etc …

They will need to read more complete information,

about the product, review other user styles too.

So you need to create a trust for them from the start.

With these customers, you should not be eager to have many viewers. Like, comment, or share on the website or social networks for nothing. But target your potential customers. People who read through an article,

watch a video then become followers via Facebook, Youtube, and Email.



Don’t overdo the FOMO effect. The reason is that anything used too much will cause boredom. Customers will find themselves unreasonably spending money on things they don’t need. They will refuse to see your ad.

That is why fear-based marketing doesn’t work for all categories.

Except for a few specialized industries such as insurance, repair, and rescue traffic.


Bottom line: mostly your ads generate orders for you. It is because customers then have an urgent need + have money available to order.

When your ad runs, it will help you sell successfully.

Many people have only run ads for a few days.

While the content is not yet optimal as mentioned in the first reason. Then the story of increasing sales is only a dream.

I say this because. I have seen many customers miss the customer’s buy status. Just because they were delusional, or more precisely, they were optimistic about that. Customers will buy from them at the first time advertised.

Yet they still don’t listen. They believe that advertising is simply targeting Facebook, youtube only. This encouraged by the group of people who sell Facebook ad targeting tools. These tools are very effective,

but they only work well if and only if you are prepare with the product and the content.

But there is no goddamn tool to save you from bankruptcy when you are not persistent.

If so, the cost of those tools would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not only cost a few tens of dollars like that.




  1. You haven’t put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers


After watching, make friends with the best advertisers and marketers. I find they are also the best shoppers.

They are also very knowledgeable about customer psychology. So they think like a buyer.

Hence, they treat customers through content and communication like a friend,

not a salesperson.

That also strengthened my belief in this technique. It is not new. But it is already in the book “Dac Nhan Tam” Vietnamese version. With original work How to Win Friends and Influence People

… by Dale Carnegie. From 1936, he said: This is the main principle of the book. If you forget other principles, remember and apply them, you can still succeed.

The world’s most successful sellers understand that customers want to buy :

safely, comfortably, that their buying decisions are both emotionally and rationally correct, etc.

So they often create empathy with customers.

Rather than being a salesman. They want to take the customer’s money.

In other words, they create added value to the product. They help customers. Instead of just selling what they have.

That is also the reason :

Why women do social media marketers better than men because they are shoppers. So they understand shoppers’ psychology.

And the man since he got married, he also buys less.


That’s why he doesn’t buy much anymore. He gradually loses a sense of the psychological state of the client:

with whom he communicates.

Because of that, he acted like a scrambler. Not a giver.

This is real, I have met so many people before.

One of my clients used to be like that.

He comes from a carpenter. And want to sell without any experience.

That also doesn’t matter. If you do not know, then study while working.

As a result, he texted 259 leads but only managed 1-3 orders.

The result is a huge loss because revenue doesn’t cover advertising costs

When I read his text messages with potential customers, I realized.

He answered superficially, not enthusiastically.

The customer asks how he responded like that.

Nothing more.

So they left.

Of course, he lost that customer. As I said, they buy from your competitor when you’re not selling to them.

So what’s the mistake here.

He was arbitrary, easy on himself. Send customers old photos, incomplete information.

Thus, making customers see that this person wants to sell to him. Do not care about me

Besides, he has not yet deployed text messages again to potential customers. That kept him from selling.

Did you make this mistake?

So is there any solution for this situation?

The answer is: Or take a sales course.

Or stop being easy on yourself. Practice hard work.

Hire the best people on platforms like Fiverr for doing the work for you. But ask them to fix the content when it doesn’t meet your requirements. Set your standards higher now.

One benefit of renting is that you can see the product in the eyes of the customer.

Without going to buy products.

Then you will know why this photo I took so low light. This article of mine how bad.

Your ego descends now. Your ability to listen, and to expect your change, will be high. Then you learn what you should do.

You focus on the quality of the content instead of buying a bunch of articles about it and not being use.

Investing a lot of money to buy discount courses on online learning websites. And then quitting doesn’t solve anything.

I swear, I promise, I guarantee.

Because I used to spend a lot of money to buy online courses. And I also spent a lot of time to download many famous courses of experts in online marketing to computers.

On the websites selling cheap courses.

Then delete it again because I never study at all.

This is one of my foolish ways. And I hope you won’t be in the same situation as me. If this is the case, quickly give up this approach.

. Yet you think the rich don’t buy anything. They still buy it. But take the time to buy property, not spend it, and hope to get rich quickly.

Their property is the content they create on blogs, social networks every day. That could be 1 channel TikTok, youtube with 20-300k channel subscribers. Or 1 email list with 10000 followers.

Property is on that list, buddy.


Sorry if I insulted you. But this is the truth. Because if I change the name of a rich person to = successful person, that’s the same.


Take away:

In this article, you have learned about 3 reasons why you cannot sell. Like Your Competitors Include:

Your Content Is Not Attractive, Customer Has Not Reached buy Status. And finally, you haven’t put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

Of course, easy to say, difficult to refresh. Thus I will share more about this topic on this page. This is my personal opinion from the process of advertising,

content marketing for my customers only. If anything is missing, I would love to hear from readers.

Thank you for reading this article.

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