Why should your content be made and presented to a satisfied customer model?

– Why should your content be made and presented to a satisfied customer model?

  1. What is the model of satisfied customers?
  2. Why your content needs to follow a satisfied customer model

– The first reason: The funnel model has expired and is no longer effective

– The second reason: The more satisfied the customer, the better word of mouth marketing

– Reason 3: You can serve customers who buy immediately. It is suitable for salespeople who need to sell when starting out.

  1. Applying a satisfied customer model for marketing and selling furniture.
  2. Conclusion


  1. What is the model of satisfied customers?

The day before, I just entered the field of marketing, designing websites for companies, factories, furniture stores. I do not know what to do. Even if you’re planning to open a website about furniture sales. My marketing and sales experience is just a zero.

So I searched everywhere on the internet. Go from seminar to conference. Sign up for e-mail for a lot of internet marketing experts, Western yes, we have. But I still don’t know what to do to be able to learn it.

It doesn’t penetrate my head. Although undeniable it is very true. And effective for individuals, businesses apply it.

Until one day. I type on youtube how to advertise Zalo and find the youtube channel that I signed up for so long. In that instructional video ad Zalo. The owner of the web channel for 5 days. Told me about the satisfied model. Which according to him is not available anywhere on the internet. And so he thought.

I watched the whole video. He explained that. A satisfied customer model is a person who makes advertising content. Will create the content that customers are in need of that product, they will find themselves using and enjoying that product.

That’s right. The best example is in the fashion industry, entertainment.

A guy who likes to sing Karaoke when he sees a picture of a few friends singing a good Karaoke together with that mic. Along with the call: “This Sunday gathering with friends singing at home with Kara mic is still What fun is “.

Caused him to intend to own the product.

Similarly, a girl walking through a fashion store saw a beautiful dress. There will arise a desire to try on the mind. That makes them think about buying when given the opportunity.


Yes, the satisfied customer model is that.

When you put yourself in the shoes of a customer, you will see it. That is the main reason customers spend money.

Of course, this is just the result. It is the goal that every business, salesperson, the marketer is aiming for.

It is simpler, more effective, and more useful than the old call of the salesman since this profession appeared on earth. “Buy from me, don’t buy from side A, B, C.

So why should its content follow the two-pronged customer model? The answer will come in part 2, please read more.

  1. Your content should follow this model.

There are three main reasons as follows.

One is customer satisfaction is the most effective way of marketing and selling.

– Satisfied customers will recommend to other customers.

Word of mouth marketing is still the best marketing method of all time no matter how technology has changed the world. According to a study by Microsoft, a two-hearted customer will refer to five other customers. When they are not happy, they bring that regret to 26 other people. But as you know, the negativity spreads much more than the positive.

-So the sellers want to have prestige and free marketing, everyone knows that it is necessary to make customers satisfied at a certain level. Because customers referred by their friends are loyal customers. And others are not so loyal. Just not satisfied at a point. They will immediately switch to another brand soon.

Especially in the current information age. An era in which anyone can express their feelings and turn it from a micro-content into a catastrophe thanks to the rapid spread of the internet. It can drown any business no matter how strong.

– You can raise prices when selling to loyal customers and still get sympathy. Of course, it must be accompanied by a suitable reason. Apple has succeeded in raising the price of the iPhone X 1.5 times higher than the old phone and still achieving success among these loyal customers.

Second: The marketing funnel model has gradually changed, which is no longer appropriate.

The marketing funnel has been around since 1908. And it is constantly evolving constantly.

However, it gradually revealed many weaknesses.

I am not a marketing expert. But also realize that it would be an inappropriate day when:

– It costs a lot of personnel to optimize the system.

– There are too many steps to take.

– It will lose energy near the bottom.

According to Hubspot vice president Mr. Shahid Nizami the company created the concept of inbound marketing.

The funnel model has the advantage of creating customers. As does not help the company grow further.

Because it has to search and refine the right customers, the number of people who have bought can recommend your company very little.

But perhaps this is unlikely to happen with the funnel (Funnel model) that had been considered divine to marketing people before. According to this model, marketing is mentioned first, those who bring data back to sales and take care of closing applications. The customer lies at the bottom of the funnel, in a dripping way. And that funnel will lose its energy as it nears the bottom.

With the rise of the word of mouth, customer loyalty will be a major determinant of business growth. Therefore, they need to be placed at the center of the flywheel in the flywheel model because they are a good marketing channel themselves.

The more satisfied customers are, the stronger your attractiveness will become. The more you push the wheel, the more customers will be energized, ”Mr. Shahid Nizami said.

So this chairman proposed a new marketing model, which is the flywheel model. Fly-wheel. This model places customers in the middle. And focus on customer satisfaction. Motivation to rotate the flywheel continuously.

Quite similar to the satisfied customer model I mentioned above.

Other than this funnel model there are 3 steps that you see in the image.

– Attract (attract)

– Engage (mount)

– Delight (to satisfy)

– A lot of companies say they focus on customers but actually focus on themselves. Said to put customers first but most listed customers at the end of the list. Enterprises need to change if they want to grow, but customers in the Fly-wheel center, increase thrust, reduce friction to make the wheel spin faster, ”Mr. Shahid Nizami emphasized.

– If in the funnel model, all resources are used to attract and attract customers, in the Fly-wheel model, the force is used to strengthen relationships with customers and help them achieve. target. Attracting customers’ attention needs to focus on their interests, add value to them and then extract those values ​​for businesses.

– The rotation speed of the Fly-wheel is also strongly affected by the alignment of the elements that create it. Sales and marketing need good coordination, especially when working with customers. In addition to increasing speed, reducing friction for the Fly-wheel is also important in increasing the power of the wheel, making customers more satisfied and thereby promoting higher growth.

– Friction is the weakness, the problems that customers encounter cause them to lose momentum. Friction is also formed when not identifying the right customers, resulting in misuse of strategies …

– According to Mr. Shahid Nizami, the FLY-wheel model has three important stages including attract (engage), engage (entice) and delight (satisfy). In which attract is the use of expertise to create content and conversations that create meaningful relationships with the audience. At this stage, inbound marketing (a new marketing school that uses compelling content on the network environment to attract and interact with the audience) targets customers and satisfies them as an effective tool. .

– Engage is to build sustainable relationships by providing solutions to customers’ problems and desires and delight is to provide a great experience, giving customers a real experience, giving energy to customers, so they can talk well about the brand or even bring in new revenue for the company.

– So it can be said, focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction will be the key to promote growth.

So your content will focus on solving the problem for the customer. At this time, getting more leads or not is not important. The focus on lead collection will reduce customer experience on the website. Therefore google also warns, creating pop-ups, forms everywhere on the website will increase your bounce rate.

At this point, the whole company will focus on marketing, customer care. That is no longer the task of the customer service department.

By doing this, you will be relieved from the pressure of your goals that you have set yourself. Now you just need to take the time to understand your customers and improve your products. Besides, there is plenty of time when you will focus on being creative to work smarter and happier.

Third, you can sell products to customers immediately.

In any market, there is at least 30% of customers who always want to buy the product you sell right away. Dan Kennedy wrote in the book: ‘The Ultimate Marketing Strategy’

Indeed that is why traditional stores are still selling. People running sales ads continue to sell products on major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba.

Your job is to find customers who buy this right now to sell to them.

This is very important for any marketing and salesperson in the early stages of work. Because: ”sales can solve all problems in your business.


So if you apply this flywheel model, then in the short term you will sell goods to these people with fewer resources. Less rejection. At the same time, they are people with whom you can form a good relationship. Provide social evidence to help you impress new customers.

From this income you can re-invest in the operation to make the flywheel more efficient.


  1. Application of satisfied customer model in the field of furniture.

Since knowing the concepts, the above comb. I immediately applied it to my field of the furniture business. I find this to be very easy.

And you absolutely can do it in a simple way.

The satisfied customer model of the interior is similar to the real estate industry. The question of when customers are satisfied will be answered the same as when they buy a new home.

The only difference is that they will be clearer. More accurate and closer. Because they are familiar with them from childhood to adult.

I used to have time to go loading and assembling furniture with my dad. I realize that

– Customers buying furniture are mostly newlyweds. or about to get married so go to the furniture for the new couple after buying a house or parents for both houses.

The target is young people. Age 20-30

-Clients who have been completing or repairing houses are usually in the process of plastering or painting. They are customers who buy as soon as they have the right product. They are middle-aged people from 30-40 years old.,


– Customers buy new furniture when their furniture is too old and of poor quality. Used for 20 years. Customers are also middle-aged 40-60 years old.

With different age segments and different circumstances. You all have to have appropriate content to touch their insights.

For newly married customers, getting married are images showing purity, cleanness, and freshness. and it suits their youthful room.

For middle-aged customers. What they care about the most is that it looks beautiful. And like their neighbors’ home. Being complimented by their neighbors is one of their pride. It is more beautiful, easy to use. They can use it as much as possible.

You can see my case study here: https://hauwebs.com/how-do-i-get-for-this-business-over-100-calls-in-just-1-product-and-ppc-ads/


For middle-aged customers: They like the good ones like the old ones. With a more beautiful appearance. The hints of the beautiful, old-fashioned mentality made them feel good. These people often do not like to change so nostalgic marketing, go back to the old times, the more they like it.

But above all, the customer model needs to follow a story to highlight the customer. Let them find themselves in it.


If not, then all the product descriptions. Even old products are boring. And you can only sell it according to its production price + its features. It cannot be sold higher.

Of course, you should do this ethically. Serve what the customer needs. Not make them buy innocent and. Just made them more miserable. The environment also faces bigger disasters.


The truth is that marketing or advertising and communications have never changed. What changes are just concepts and how to do them.

The goals and strategies are still the same.

In the past, there were also people who applied a strategy of giving and giving their talents to help customers. At the same time received good achievements.

It’s just that so few people know it and applies it because they don’t know it and it’s so hard to complain.

But you just need to get rid of the two words above. And take the time to learn, you can always serve customers better without having to find customers.

Above is my article on the topic: why your content should follow the satisfied customer model.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I will reply as soon as possible.

At the same time, I will update my link here.

Thank you for reading this article.

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