Will you increase your income thousand time thanks to this simple skill

Will you increase your income a thousand-time thanks to this simple skill

Do you have all the things you wish for?

If not, then write this I will show you a simple routine. But has the ability to help you increase your income 100 times. And get rich in the decade to 2020-2030.

Do you want to increase your income like online case studies? Practice your first skill to become rich.

That is information management skills.

Be sensitive to information

You will make a lot of money in this information age.

1. What are information management skills?

This statement almost everyone knows. Examples that go with it abound on the internet. And this article will also give you an example.

But not everyone knows how to use it.

Why is that?

This is because of their attitudes to the information they receive. Will show you what level they are at.

Like the Eleanor Rosevelt quote, I read on a Fanpage back in 2015.

‘’ – Big heads discuss big ideas

– The average heads will talk about that, that story

– The small heads comment on those people, the other

At first, I didn’t understand it. Until I learned more and found the perfect example of what the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt said.

Let’s see an example for this.

When reading a newsletter about child abduction on the rise in the UK in 2018.

– People with small thoughts will fear, even curse kidnappers

– Average thinkers comment on government employment and related people.

– The big thinker will come up with an idea to improve this situation.

And the real story happened here. Thanks to using a newsletter about the situation of child abduction in the UK. An entrepreneur has created an online store that sells GPS wristwatches. For sale to parents. And reach sales of $ 250,000 with this single product.

You can see details about that successful case study in this video:


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34v0Oi6DK7U[/embedyt]


Of course, how to improve this situation is not radical. But it is a way to give customers a sense of security. Can protect their kids. And that’s also how this entrepreneur can help customers solve their problems.


Of course, he also has to use a real UK kidnapping story. To do advertising content. Because a story told by a video influences the emotional brain of the customer. Then give the number in the newsletter. To convince customers rationally that this is happening.

And most likely your baby will be the next to fall into mother-like status in the story. So customers spend money to buy child protective watches.

Essentially buying them peace of mind.

You see, the gold mine is in this skill.

That’s what legendary advertisers still recommend. Instead of having to spend the effort to create new advertising ideas.

David. The most successful companies that advertise their products/services, Ogivily said, :

are those that can create headlines or advertisements like a newsletter, on the radio, or on TV.

And the best advertising witch in America is Joe. Sugarman. (in the book: “Dancing with the pen”). Also proactively tell advertisers, copywriters to read and view any good article.

Then save it in a folder on your computer. Or cut out that piece of paper to use when you write your ad next time.


You will save millions of dollars in advertising effectiveness testing. And hours of content creation to convince customers to spend money to buy your product/service.

But, one thing that I haven’t said here is:

To have the right attitude and a level of governance with the information you receive. It is not a simple thing at all.

Note: I do not think that attitude is more important than the level as you in the East or the West are arguing. Let’s say they are equally important hi hi. I’m just saying:

a person’s attitude toward the information they receive will show their current level.

Because there is information that gives you unnecessary anger. That makes you need to learn about how to use the information you receive in the next section of this article.

2. How to manage information effectively in work and life

But to do as the veteran entrepreneurs and advertisers on.

You need to practice for many years.

Even coN more difficult than before. Because in grandparents, our parents only had information on radio, television, and newspapers. Rare information. But also because of that the ability to filter information and make decisions faster.

Now, you are living in an environment where information,

on the internet is very much available. Temporarily not mention the decorative figures of research organizations at all. Recall that you started the day with Social media, podcast notifications on your phone.

Followed by work emails, advertising during working hours. When it comes to lunch break or evening if you use television, there are tons of messages from governments, society, and advertisers. And before going to bed, there are a series of tearful dramas on social networking platforms, online newspapers. Hourly, daily information updates for you.

I and you are living in such an information ocean.

What falls into the fear of missing out (FOMO) the information we think we need.

But in fact, 80-90% of the news is of no value to your work or life at all.

Even fake news makes you sad and angry.

So what do you need to do to rid yourself of information poisoning? At the same time seize the opportunity to help you become a millionaire?

The answer is you don’t need to read a book or take a course at all.

Ask the question, “What can I do with this piece of information?

After you finish reading that article. Or you can do the same.

Can think it’s paradoxical. But that’s exactly how the millionaire entrepreneur in the video above did. Of course, I don’t know who he is.

But I can assure you that he needs to ask the same question. So he can make good use of that child kidnapping newsletter.

It was the constant questioning that gave him the solutions. From there to create ads and bring profit to his internet business.

When I read this quote from David. O. An author on Medium, I have been pondering, remembering I used this question in the past?

Maybe I have also used a question like this one. To create successful Google and Youtube advertising campaigns. And also articles like this one.

You may have also done the same in the past. Please try to remember.

You have used it in reports. Express opinions in meetings.

But why are you still not rich.

Something is preventing you from acting out of this habit.

In my opinion, there are two reasons why you can’t do that

One is that you haven’t done it for long. Enough for it to become your habit.

Maybe there are things you shouldn’t do. Takes up your time. Because paying attention to what not to do is just as important as what to do.

Warrant Buffet once advised his pilots to include the things that should not be done on their target list.

Do not be sad because of the things you should not do such as:

using social media, watching movies, playing games, eating junk food.

Or smoke, drink alcohol. Habits that have been around for a few years or decades are not easily changed, in a day or two. You need to get rid of them slowly if you get caught up in them.


The second is to have a mindset that lies in your subconscious mind. Prevented you from acting as you should. This is even more important. Because they’re easier to deal with, at least for now.

I think it is the cornerstone that makes you not rich. While guessing old, guess the reason why you are not rich by commenting below.

Stay tuned for my next article on:

The reason you haven’t been successful with these information management habits and skills.

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