Your appearance will help others decide how to think about you.

Your appearance will help others decide how to think about you.


Theoretically, we are often taught that it is necessary to judge a person by their intellect, not their appearance. But in fact, everything is completely different.

People around will judge you first by how you look. That is the first impression people feel of you. And those first impressions usually last much longer than it takes you to build.

One time, at a supermarket, I noticed a stall selling seedless grapes for 15 cents a pound. Another nearby stall also sells this grape, but it is wrapped in a plastic bag priced at 35xu / 2 kg.

Your appearance will help others decide how to think about you.

I was very surprised, questioning the guy standing at the weighing counter: “What is the difference between two grapes priced at 15xu a kilogram and a plastic bag with a price of 35 x two pounds?”.

“The difference lies in the plastic bag,” the employee replied. The bagged grape sold a lot better, almost twice as much as the other. Because they look better and cleaner ”.

Remember the examples of grapes when you are about to sign a contract. Properly packaged “will help you sell more goods, at a higher price.”

Properly packaged "will help you sell more goods, at a higher price."
Properly packaged “will help you sell more goods, at a higher price.”

The key is the more elegant your dress, the more respectful everyone around you will be. By tomorrow, make it a habit to observe people with dignity, courtesy,

and courtesy in restaurants, on buses, in public places, in shops, and at work.

People often judge a person by his appearance and treat him in proportion to his image. When I emphasize “respect for your dress” in training programs, people often ask:

“I understand appearance is important.


But how can I afford to buy expensive clothes to help me feel confident, to make others respect me? ”. That question confused many people and made me think for a long time.

But then I discovered the answer is simple: Buy less and choose only what is good and worth the money. Remember this answer, and then apply it. Hats, clothes, shoes, socks, jackets – everything you wear. Quality is more important than quantity.


As you apply this principle, you will quickly find,

that both the self-esteem and respect others show you increase.

Like to Professor Dave’s story in the book: Dare to Think Big. (The magic of think Big) in an online environment. You also find websites that sell online very effectively.


Because they know how to package their product. And bring in front of potential customers effectively.

On the website, the customer cannot see, smell, or touch the product. So the content is the product that needs to be taken care of.

Customers will always respect,

like to buy from you because of your content, not because of your design or company history.

Your appearance will help others decide how to think about you.

The same is true for high priced products. Because sales are high. In essence, it is the way to position the brand so that it exudes the luxury and high-class look of real life.

Because customers buy from you in besides to the value of your product. There is also a psychological cost present. When they default in mind that the equal high prices are high quality will be.

So with small brands, even with discounts, there are no high-income customers. Buy money because of psychological costs. Afraid to buy fake, fake goods. They are willing to spend a lot of money buying a store they know. Or buy at the stores of major brands.

But how do customers know about the quality of your products? Can only do through content only.

The people who do this are the ones who can make more sales. Even everyone says the product is saturated.

Or everyone says that it is impossible to sell high-priced,

goods on e-commerce websites. But I am able to help my customers sell so much of that product.

I will show you these two case studies next time

But how do you agree with me about the book’s conclusion above?

If you agree, read on.

Because what I will share later. Will have an impact on your sales for the end of the year sales. As well as the time to come.


From the example above you can see that: Most people want to treat them like a special customer. Like in an offline store.

Viewing the image on the side page will clearly see the results.


Yet there are websites where business owners even sell at high prices. But still do not pay attention to how to serve customers. Make them leave to go to the stores of the big brands.

Although their product is very good.

They have been missing something.

There will be a lot of things that are said by experts on the websites.

Here I just talk about the following 5 things:


  1. Select the flagship product
  2. Create Core Messages
  3. Make the media properly
  4. Do effective copywriting
  5. Attract customer to your product page and close sale


These are the 5 steps in an effective sales process :

on the website where you can download checklists via messenger


I intend to share with you the article. But I’m afraid everyone is afraid to read long articles.

So I turned it into a series of articles and videos. To help you increase sales with just 1 product.

It is still what I wrote in this checklist. But be specific and detailed. There are step-by-step video tutorials.

Here’s how I did it for my client.

Hope to help you.

Because I know that just 1 post can’t change the way you do it.

Hence I will share a detailed, step-by-step guide for you.

Please pay attention to the message.

Thank you for reading this advertisement

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